• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

COVID-19: Domestic Items

I want to start talking about more domestic things rather than talk about but I will touch on Italy for just a second because it does apply to us and the reason that I want to talk about domestic things is because I want to start getting information we’re having big discussions in my group my research group about drugs right now about ibuprofen and everything let me just give you a quick little reminder and that is if you are taking something right now and you’ve been prescribed it continue to take it don’t don’t change anything like that if you’re considering new drugs for treatment of fever then I would do something a little bit differently but that’s all I want to say about that we are currently trying to assess the data with information from the United States simply because our health care system of the way that our patients are treated is going to be different and I think it’s going to make a difference in the drug studies too.

So I’ll get to that in a second let’s start with my temperature today I am ninety six point four degrees fake and thirty eight point five correct and I’m still still doing well my wife and I haven’t killed each other yet so that’s a good sign and I know there is a lot of stress going on in people and I just hang together what we’re doing here is worth it and I just want to I want to talk about a few things here about what’s going to happen next what’s gonna happen next we learn a lot from the Italians the Italians are still struggling I’m in Bocca al Lupo and the reason I want to talk about Italians is because health care is about to change and and here’s a study that came out of out of northern Italy and it’s about the beginning of their epidemic and and how they as as a rather affluent shil part of Italy was transformed from basically from hospital base to community-based so you we are going to make that transition here as well we are going to go from a hospital based system to a more community-based system.

You heard the governor yesterday those of you were listening to the governor that’s Mike DeWine that governor talk they’re talking about taking the convention center where the Arnold was and remember we talked about the Arnold being canceled long time ago and converting that into a hospital in New York the Javits Center is being converted to a hospital and this is this is coming to Ohio I think you’ll see one of the first things I want to focus on is is the beginning of the epidemic in America and that’s the subject of this paper that came out of Washington State and they’re looking at some characteristics of this disease as it got spread through the nursing home situation nursing hospitals and I’m going to show you how this thing gets spread why are we doing social distancing why are we bothering with that kind of stuff this doesn’t seem to be a real thing well it is a real thing you have to imagine what happens to you tomorrow dependence depends on what you did five days ago and so that’s the kind of thing.

You look it’s not just going to magically walk into your house you are in control of that and one of the things that I want to focus on is the nursing home data there were a number of cases I think if you can see this this data I’m going to hold my prompter up here a little bit so I can see a little bit better there were a number of cases a hundred and one residence and the number of people who were positive was I’m trying to think here was 101 residents became infected in this nurse in nursing home system in this particular nursing home there is health care persons who were exposed there were visitors who were exposed also listed here is the the gender of the individuals nursing homes are mostly female that is just a characteristic of of the survival rate women survive longer than men and we see that the death rate is the highest is of course in the nursing home population there is there was 33 percent of the individuals who contracted the disease died there whereas no health care workers who got infected and there were a number of cases who got infected and there’s also a lot of underlying health conditions and as we move forward I think we’re going to be able to get a better assessment of underlying conditions and what the risk is for this for this disease what the risk is for survival and going into severe kinds of disease and also maybe a little bit about treatments that are unique to those classes of people.

But it’s going to take a little bit of time to work through that data I think it’s going to come out of New York more so because of the great numbers this is something we’re gonna be looking at for a long time on the next slide here it shows you how its spread from one facility to another facility and this is very common in in this area it’s a common all over the country where you have a patient getting transferred from one facility to another facility.

That happens where you have a healthcare worker who works at two facilities I am sure that happens there are people who work one in two jobs and and that spreads it to there and then there is a health care worker in several facilities and eventually you end up with four facilities getting exposed when one was the start here and that’s how it got started in this whole spread here so this next little bar chart here shows you a little bit of data about where how these people had contact first of all it starts with one case in one nursing home and that goes to the next day is still one case by the a couple days later you’ll see that it has spread to 17 individuals and you can see that they are coming from residents.

They’re coming from health care personnel and visitors all get exposed so people come and visit and this is why the governor has locked down the the nursing homes and this is why we’re being very very careful people are getting their temperatures taken for everything because that still is a very good sign for for an infection and then the last slide I’m there this you know not the last slide but the next slide I want to show you is to tell you that it is here this this is here you can see I have plotted out four different counties I’ve Cuyahoga as the most number of counties followed by Lorraine Lorraine is the second most number of counties and then Medina and Erie even has count cases right now.

I suspect that that is going to increase so if you’ve been exposed to any of those individuals and who were infected you could potentially have an infection going on so we are about to see lots of things happen I have a lot of people who work in the hospitals and they’ve been talking to me and they’re talking about how quiet it is and yes it is but that’s about to change I know it’s quiet we’ve been purposely emptying the hospitals so that we are ready for for what is going to be a big search I think I’m going to stop there there’s a well actually another thing I want to do here and that is is first of all remind you all to be good to each other and and to be helped and be helped and I want to tell you one way that you can help each other believe it or not there’s a couple of things that you can do and then the last page one of the things that the governor said and I advise you all to tune into the governor’s talk they’re very good governor DeWine and Governor Cuomo from New York they’re very good presentations doctor Atkin is also I think right on target with what she’s saying she’s doing an excellent job but how can we help how can we help others in this and through this and by the way believe it or not you can do some civic duties one thing that you can do is vote and voting is a great thing because it helps you get the right people helps you elect good people like Mike DeWine into office who are making excellent decisions right now.

Those are the kinds of people we want to have people with steady hands and people who are making tough decisions despite the lack of popularity that’s how that is an important thing and I think I respect him for that so voting is now in yesterday’s in yesterday’s conference the governor’s conference they said that the voting absentee ballots would be available I downloaded a couple I had planned on voting on March 17th that didn’t happen and so I I’m going to be doing my absentee ballot one other thing that you can do is fill out your census and you might think well what does that have to do with anything lots resources are being sent to Ohio or whatever state you are from right now based on your census and so if we have more residents we’re going to get more services we are going to get more of the things that we need to get through this and we need supplies we need all kinds of medical supplies to get through this which is you know a very big not unprecedented but certainly it is a huge global pandemic and we’re gonna need all of these things and if we have them now those of you who are afraid to fill out census because you’re afraid of the government getting into your business.

Don’t worry about that census data is actually something that you can’t access you know I like to study trends and I like to study data from populations and I can’t get to a lot of the data at the personal data you can’t find out about people first I’m not sure the number somebody can send me in information on what the number is but it’s a number of years that before you can actually access that data so just again once again be good to each other and vote for each other and fill out the census for each other it is a great way that you can do something when you want to do something you know if you I know people staying at home is doing something but you want to do something and let me just finish with May you persist like a lentivirus.