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Vitamin A vitamin D and vitamin C the roles they play where you can get them from food sources all of their biological functions and then also talk about deficiency and toxicity of those vitamins as well so if you want to learn more about vitamins that relate to immune function in the immune system then just keep watching ok so vitamin A you may have heard of it a lot in skincare.

This is relating to red retinol which is the alcohol form of vitamin A we also have retinol which is the aldehyde form we have retinol esters which are formed from Pam middle koay and retinol forming a retinol ester and then we also have carotenoids and carotenoids basically is like pro vitamin A so from your diet you could get vitamin A in the form of carotenoids from plants and then you could get retinol esters from different animal products including egg yolks butter liver and fish oil so the biological roles of retinol or vitamin A include growth the synthesis of glycoproteins reproduction bone metabolism and immune function so if you are deficient in vitamin A that means that you could be really low in retinoic acid and this does make you more susceptible to gut and lung infections and it can also lead to blindness in addition for pregnant women.

It can lead to fetal development defects including birth defects vitamin A can also cause toxicity if you are getting weight much and this can cause liver damage and also birth defects so it’s really important to get the right amount of vitamin A from either a multivitamin or your daily food intake now a high level of our excessive intake of beta-carotene is considered safe but it does cause something called hyper carrot anemia which is basically where your beta-carotene being stored in your adipose tissue and your skin starts to learn a little bit orange but it can be easily reversed by stopping the excess excess intake of beta-carotene.

So the recommended daily amount of vitamin A really depends on your age as well as your gender so for males that are 14 plus the recommended daily amount would be 900 micrograms per day of retinol and then if you’re consuming your vitamin A from beta-carotene that would be 12 times that amount because 12 micrograms of beta-carotene is equivalent to one microgram of retinol in the body for females 14 plus the wreckage recommended daily amount would be seven hundred micrograms per day of retinol and again multiply that by 12 if you are in taking beta carotene and then it also does differ for pregnant women it’s slightly higher at between 750 and 770 micrograms per day and then during lactation it’s even more for women it would be about 1200 to 1300 grams per day of retinol.

And then there is also these upper limits and upper limits is the amount that you absolutely do not want to pop past otherwise it could cause excessive ssues such as the ones I mentioned before with liver damage and birth defects this daily amount is 3,000 micrograms per day so really important not to exceed those upper limits better just to take the recommended daily amount of vitamin A and if you are taking a multivitamin that is suited to your gender and your age then you should be totally fine with your vitamin A intake more is definitely not better when it comes to vitamins.

Okay next we’re gonna talk about the  popular vitamin C vitamin C is really interesting because we cannot make it as humans also primates bad skinny pigs and birds cannot make vitamin C because we lack the enzyme that can do that for us so we have to get it from our diet solely so vitamin C does play a really important role in our immune function it acts as a pro-oxidant which means it can reduce transition metals these are often used to combat things like microbes in our body and kind of kill them and destroy them using free radicals in a very controlled environment they also can act as electron donors to reduce vitamin E radicals back to vitamin E which again play a really important role in salt protection and defense against microbes there’s really high levels of vitamin C found in neutrophils neutrophils are the white blood cells that go and essentially fight infections in your body and then as we do know in skincare vitamin C plays a really important role in collagen production it essentially works with this enzyme called prolene hydroxylase which is really important at building those pearling units to make up collagen strands so without vitamin C we cannot build collagen in our bodies.

Some other biological rules for vitamin C that are hypothesized include that it reduces the severity of colds and it is  so hi pasta hypothesize that has a role in cancer treatment and prevention and then there’s really weak evidence surrounding that it does improve immune function it acts as a antioxidant and it has some carcinogen detoxification effects as well but those other biological roles that I just mentioned require stronger evidence to say that they for sure do play these roles but there is some weak evidence to show that they could play an important role in hose functions so if you are deficient  in vitamin C it can lead to impaired collagen synthesis ultimately resulting in loose teeth hair loss poor wound healing and bleeding gums it also leads to pour iron status and bleeding will cause significant iron loss so definitely want to make sure that you get enough vitamin C in your diet so the recommended daily amount from Health Canada for vitamin C if you are a male that is a nineteen plus it is 90 milligrams per day and if you are female 19 plus it is 75 milligrams per day and then if you are pregnant again over 19 years old it is 85 milligrams per day and then breastfeeding women need even more vitamin C if they’re 19 plus it is about 120 milligrams per day.

But it is really really important that you do not exceed more than 2000 milligrams or 2 grams per day because this could lead to diarrhea which ultimately ultimately makes you very dehydrated and it can also lead to kidney stones because it causes you to have an increased excretion of oxalate and your rate in your urine vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin in Canada it is fortified in cow milk margin cheese and yogurt and this is the one that is actually produced by our bodies with exposure to UV radiation it is also known as the happy vitamin because it has been found to play a big role a big role in mode but it also has a lot of other really important biological roles including maintaining your blood calcium levels cell proliferation and cell differentiation inflammation and immune function so a vitamin D deficiency is really not a good thing because it does relate a lot to calcium in the body ultimately a vitamin D deficiency will provide a steady drop in bone density now for infants this usually translates to soften bones blowing up the legs in children it means often frequent fractures but they can the bones can remineralize because they’re still being built if the diet is fixed so there’s definitely some hope there throughout middle-aged to elderly people it does cause again vitamin D deficiency does cause osteoporosis and there are lots of risk factors for a daddy.

Vitamin D deficiency which include being female smoking low body weight low intake of calcium low intake of vitamin D a sedentary lifestyle and gastric bypass surgery so vitamin D is a really  important one to take in a vitamin form generally a multivitamin for your age group will be absolutely perfect to look at you all the vitamin D that you need in a day as well as if you are having fortified foods in Canada the fortified foods include cow milk margin cheese and yogurt so those all include an additional amount of vitamin D that is going to supplement your diet so vitamin D it can definitely have toxic effects if you are taking too much but there is no risk for vitamin D toxicity just from V radiation so if you’re just getting your vitamin D from going on in the Sun then you have nothing to worry about but if you are supplementing with vitamin D vitamins or supplements um and ou’re over supplementing it can lead to hypercalcemia which basically means calcification of soft tissue which is not a good thing it can cause lots of issues internally in your organs so the upper limit for adults is four thousand and two units per day again if you’re just taking a regular multivitamin as directed  are going to be supporting your immune system the best you can with vitamins and supplements it’s really important to remember that more is not better as I mentioned throughout this video toxicity of any of these vitamins can lead to major health issues and it’s definitely not going to be helping your immune system to have secondary issues because you’ve been over taking these vitamins and supplements multivitamins that are for your age group and your gender are gonna have the perfect amount of everything that you need so that is kind of my recommendation to always talk to your physician before you take any new supplementary vitamin and do not take more than any recommended amount on the bottle.

I think that everyone should be taking a multivitamin as long as your physician has cleared it that it’s safe for you and this will really give you everything that you need that you may be missing from your diet just because it is really hard to get all of the vitamins that you need in a day just from eating food so it is really good to be supplementing with a daily multivitamin so I know a lot of people are wondering okay well SH if they’re doing all these Studies on vitamin C and what’s going on right now should I be taking more vitamin C than the recommended daily amount I would say not in a supplement form not in a multivitamin form it is important to get that recommended daily amount and then if you want to try and get or act smart fruits and vegetables into your diet that are really high in vitamin C’s such as citrus fruits peppers like bell peppers red bell peppers are really high in vitamin C and there’s a whole other ton of vitamins and fruits that are really high in vitamin C that’s a great way to get additional vitamin C into your diet and not overloading your body.


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