• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Green Papaya Salad with Himalayan Pink Salt

Green Papaya Salad with Himalayan Pink Salt


How to make green papaya salad with pink salt uh this is a kind of exotic dish now you can sub out some of the ingredients if you can’t get everything um if you don’t have the pink salt you can always just use salt if you don’t have rice vinegar you can use plain vinegar i am using some nice fresh chunks of jaggery i got at the Indian market the other day and it’s just gorgeous um but the only thing you cats about is the green papaya okay do not use a normal papaya it just won’t work and green papaya has more health benefits than the regular ones do anyways now i’m going to show you two ways to do this uh there is a traditional way to make the salad and i going to use the much faster western way for the rest of it but i’ll start it off traditional so you can see how it’s done when selecting your green papaya make sure it is really unripe that is really what you’re looking for now.

This stuff peels quite nicely like a zucchini so just turn it over and get all the peel off to start off with once you have that all peeled except both ends cut off the bottom part so that you’re able to stand this up on the cutting board like that okay oh seeds are already starting to come out on this one so that’s fine i’ll show you what to do with those later now if you’re going to be doing the traditional method what you do is get yourself a sharp cleaver and just start walking it like that if you do not feel comfortable chop it on something like this with a cleaver with your hand um just use the grater that i’ll show you in a bit so once you’ve made enough cuts that you can see little strands are starting to come off stand it up and use your cleaver to just shave off little strands like that now if you are going to use the traditional method basically what you do is you just keep doing this till the entire papaya is done nearly down to the seeds however i’m going to do the quick way now and what you do with this is just get yourself a grater choose the largest stein and just start grading it and you’ll see that the result looks a little different but when you taste it.

I don’t find that much of a difference and it’s a lot less work when you shaved off enough that when you turn it over some of the seeds start to fall out like that what you do is just get our mower either a bag or the sink because i have a carburetor and get the seeds out as much as you can before you keep going so i’m just gonna bang it with a cleaver and if that doesn’t get all of them what you do is just cut the end off to make a nice wide opening that you can get in with a spoon or something and basically scrape them all out before you continue shredding because you definitely don’t want the seeds in your salad so i got in there with a teaspoon and just scraped out the insides so that should be good to finish running now one thing i do as well as i shred along here when i start to get really close to the core to make sure i don’t cut myself i just take off a ring and that way it allows you to keep a much better grip on it as you keep going down and less chance of scraping yourself well i’m all shredded out here there’s not that much left on here and i’ve got quite a bit after you got your cutting board rinsed off i’ve got a piece of ginger about this big 2 3 inches and just trim off the dead stuff on the sides and the ends and just give that a quick peel once that’s peeled um get your grater and just grate that up on the big side.

I always choose a piece that’s a little bigger than i need um because i don’t want to end up grating my fingers i’ll just throw this part out so get what you count off the grinder add that to the shredded papaya give that a rough mix and just visually inspect it briefly to make sure that there’s no seeds got snuck in here wow these ch these chili flakes are so fresh i’m sneezing and choking so they’re pretty strong one teaspoon is all you need for this now if you like if you don’t like your salads too hot just use half a teaspoon by all means get four cups of water bring that to a boil when the water’s come to a full rolling boil add the half cup rice vinegar make sure your face is nowhere near the pot because you don’t want to be breathing in the fumes then add the jiggery and the pink salt if you’re using that or just add a tablespoon each of salt and sugar this is where you want to turn the heat down a little bit because what you want is you want the salt and the sugar to both dissolve completely but you don’t want to boil off too much of the brine so a slow simmer works much better right now.

This has been simmering for a couple of minutes you can see the sugar is dissolving quite rapidly now and salt chunk is shrinking as well the sugar is just about gone the only thing left to do is wait for the salt it’s said that this stuff is a quarter of a billion years old from a seabed um at the foothills of the Himalayas which is kind of cool if you think about it there’s just a tiny crystal left at the bottom of the pan so i’m going to turn the heat off now and just pour the brine over the papaya now this is interesting see how much to see just how salty that stuff is this is the bottom of the pan after it ries off because it’s so hot it’s just coated in salt crystals so yeah a little bit of this stuff goes a long way now if you try it with a piece that big and you find it too salty of course just take a bit out and just stir it up a little bit to make sure that all of the strands of papaya are in the brine so after you got everything mixed up therejust let that cool off at room temperature until it’s cool enough to transfer to a container that you can put in the fridge at which point you will want to chill that for a minimum of two preferably six or more to get yourself a nice cold pickled salad well there’s green papaya salad with himalayan pink salt.