• Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ Healthy Home Keeping ~ Naturally Clean Air

Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ Healthy Home Keeping ~ Naturally Clean Air

Installment of home keeping we are going to talk today not about cleaning or quick tips but today we’re going to talk about keeping a healthy home and sometimes that starts with clean air we’re going to talk about these amazing pink Himalayan salt lamps and I’m going to give you the lowdown I’m going to tell you where you can get them and I’m also going to give you a little bit of a lesson on what these salt lamps can do for you to help you have a healthier home let’s go see how these all work okay today is a little bit different we’re going to talk about home keeping but keeping a healthy home I was contacted by the folks at Emir and they asked me if I would do a little video of their product they did not sponsor this video and they did not pay me to endorse their product all I am doing is sharing their product with you in conjunction with keeping a healthy home.

But let me explain to you how this works Tim alia pink salt creates a negative ion now if you’re not familiar with how ions work there are positive ions in the air and those are their highly charged and then negative ions neutralize them what Himalayan salt lamps do is that they create negative ions your home is filled with electrical current and different frequencies from all the electrical equipment that you’re using and using a Himalayan salt lamp can actually help to neutralize some of that frequency and some of those positive ions that are being created from all the electricity that is in your home and all the equipment that you’re using night lights come in a set of two this is already getting warm the wonderful thing about these night lights is I’m going to show you I’m going to turn off this one you can take this this is like a pure drilled out piece of solid salt and yes they really do taste like salt did you lick one maybe yes you did I did me oh my gosh okay so the really cool thing about these night lights which in my house this is a huge plus because for some reason when they built my house all of our outlets are upside down they say it has something to do with in case it floods but I don’t get that it has a switch obviously it takes a standard night light bulb but look this well this plug is can be seated 360 degrees around.

So if you need the plug like that like this is how it is in our house like that if you need it to be like that or you have a standard one you can just leave it the way it is or like I have it in this power strip today to show you what looked like and I had to turn it on its side now these have a little rubber gasket on them that helps to seat the salt part and I’m going to read to you what they say in the description it says that it’s special material hand selected from the Himalayan mountains and each lamp is made from a high-quality double-a level salt crystal with very good clarity hand-carved to ensure their natural quality so that each of them may slightly be different the addition of the wood base on this one is made of meticulously selected beech wood and it is somewhat resistant to moisture now the way this works this is one solid block of salt that has some heft to it I have to say it’s a good 2 or 3 pounds but this is like a little LED base and instead of it having a drilled out spot for a light bulb.

It just sits like that now if you want you can leave this plugged in so I’ll show you this came with a little charging cord and you can have one of these like from your phone and it plugs in or you can even plug it into your computer and it will and it will charge that way just like so so I say thought of everything you’re able to either plug it in it did not come with the court with the outlet adapter but how many of us have those laying around the house I mean we all have them I never get rid of them and unless they’re broken Timmel and salt as I mentioned works as a natural negative ion generator and when heated it emits negative ions that fight electromagnetic radiation they fight fatigue and sluggishness and improve health ability they increase the flow of oxygen to the brain they help to sleep better and wake refreshed and they help to soothe some allergies and it can have a profound effect on your health overall these are super easy to operate obviously the night lace you would just plug in and if you need to those are standard night light bulbs you can change them out as necessary this one I honestly do not know if the light bulb can be changed but if you have a husband like Rick I’m pretty sure that he could figure it out it would be a challenge it’s true as I said whether you believe all that or not but it looks really cool they do look cool and if you’re a lover of all things like geology or if you love just different rocks or whatever you know you’re going to live there oh sorry there crystal she yelled at me okay bristle communalism right yeah that is funny I think this is really cool and not to mention that when you get a piece of this salt.

You’re literally touching a different era of life listen this salt these mines are millions of years old and they you know they formed in Himalayan mountains and the Himalayas are the world’s most tranqs tranquil serene and peaceful undeveloped region and the salt crystals mined from the foothills of the Himalayas are visions they lurk the highest mountains and all exactly how does a water user that’s a good question where it is that’s a good question right there it’s still pure and untouched by pollution tremendous pressure and heat refines the structure of the salt crystals making them translucent in comparison with European salts which can be dull or opaque and when mining the salt at the Himalayas they use the use of dynamite is prohibited which really gives you some idea these pieces are mined by hand and even when you get Himalayan salts as long as it is certified to be authentic Himalayan salt it has been mined by hand or by machinery but without explosives and I think that in itself makes a great conversation starter but you’re doing yourself a little bit of a favor by creating more negative ions and getting the air in your home neutralized so I just thought it was fun because keeping a healthy home is really really important so while this made maybe you think this is a stretch but I really don’t think it is because home keeping encompasses so many more things than just how to scrub your toilet it really encompasses everything from welcoming people into your home taking care of your family and making sure everyone is healthy and you can do that a little bit more by using these salt lamps maybe you have one maybe you love it maybe you can leave a comment down below and tell us why and I think that that would really be appreciated so if you want to know more the people at a mere have offered up a 20% off coupon code and it’s going to be a mirror our BV B which is a Mir our BV B these are available on Amazon I will leave the links down below for both the block light and the set of two night lights and you can get 20% off using a coupon code which I will also leave across the screen here and down below at the top of the description box so I would like to thank Peter from a mirror for sending me these salt lamps which will be used very well in my home and I really appreciate them sending these and I hope that you enjoyed this little product share and a little rundown on why Tim Elaine pink self is really good for you and your home and what you can do to help it clean your air.