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Honey Bees Need Salt and Minerals, Sea Salt Preferences, Pink Himalayan Salt Honeybee nutrition


The honeybee enthusiasts have been asking for for a long time and we’re gonna do a sea salt comparison to see what the honeybees prefer when we mix it with water so that they can get the benefits of all these fantastic minerals and I’m introducing the sea salts here first celtic sea salt.

I have to say has the most elaborate packaging and the most extensive claims to the health and nutritional benefits of any of the sea salts and I’m testing here today the nutrition facts they also say it’s non-gmo when it comes to minerals I don’t know how you genetically modify them but maybe somebody else knows better sea salts are sodium and we also have Morton natural sea salts it’s nother one that I grabbed and just like it says here on the box it’s for all cooking now all the salts that we’re using are suitable for human consumption so I’m guessing that they’re good for the bees the reason that we’re on this in the first place is because the bees showed a preference for water that had salt content over regular pure filtered water and again the nutritional facts here for the morton salt and this comes from the bahamas so these are you know distilled from natural seawater it’s dehydrated down until we have the salts and minerals left over and i’m just giving you a brief look at each of the packages so that you’ll kind of know what they look like where they came from who’s making them and providing them so we’re out here by my pond and here’s the one pure Himalayan pink crystals salt 84 minerals.

So we know that the bees need minerals and salts and that they need all these things they find them in the environment where do they find them I don’t know but we’re gonna make it easy for them to get at this in solution so these are finely ground sea salts and all of these I purchased from Amazon and I’ll give you the link so that you can look at them read reviews of course reviews are based on human consumption and what it tasted like this pink Himalayan sea salt some people even question whether or not it has some sugar added or something but that is not the ingredients it just apparently has a really good flavor so again the labelling on the back here and it even has a shelf-life 2023 and then of course the nutritional facts so these are packaged nice and fancy don’t forget you always have to keep pure filtered fresh water that’s free of anything and that’s what these feeders have in them so aside from the sea salts we’re going to have filtered water available as always in the Bee yard here’s how we’ve laid it out as always based on my past testing we have 4 1 quart containers they started off with fresh pure filtered water and the water source is well water and the filter system is PU R which was the highest and filtering medium that I could find for again intended for people to drink so the Bees showed a preference for that in the past that’s our baseline the reason that the water is a little colored here is because this time I added two drops of green food coloring per quart.

So that we could see the levels better and the bees are going after these sea salts right away and as you can see they actually prefer this over fresh water that does not have the high mineral content now we arrived at the one teaspoon per quart based on my last experience which was done with just table salt and we added different amounts of table salt per quart and the bees preferred the 1 teaspoon per quart of salts over other content levels so here the bees are just going after everything here and you might be surprised that these end results as to what the bees show up reverence for but I will say overall the preference of the honeybees is to go after water that has mineral content this is number one they chose Morton sea salts over the others and number two in the line up is the most popular crystal sea salt Himalayan pink crystal and this is the one that everyone has been asking me to try out with the bees so I did number three in the line up is one teaspoon per quart of Celtic sea salt that was the most expensive by the way and of course last on the list no big surprise one teaspoon per quart of stone  mill iodized table salt this is a regular table salt that most people put on their table.

There are extensive benefits claimed regarding the sea salt over table salt the bees really don’t show a huge preference of any of these over the other as you can see the levels here now the duration of this test was actually four days and one teaspoon per quart of Mortain sea salt was preferred but look across the board it’s not like they chose it two-to-one the bees are gonna go after water that has mineral content and they need it and they use it and there’s some discussion about how the bees might be using mineralized water as part of their dehydration process inside the hive when they’re dehydrating honey and nectar that does not mean that they’re putting these sea salts into the honey and nectar cells they’re using it as a coolant process but of course for health nutrition and well-being of the bees themselves having access to minerals is going to benefit them and they definitely  if we’re looking to the bees for guidelines on what’s good for them if we’re making all these options available they’re telling us pretty conspicuously that they want water with minerals in it and again if nothing else is available of course you’re gonna take that iodized table salt but it is their last of the four tested sea salts here and here we have it so that’s the summary just closing out with a slow-motion look here of my landing board we have a lot going in the bee yard right now we just installed the flow hive two and I put it in the bee yard without anything except swarm commander I’m trying to find out if a swarm of bees is gonna home in there and just take it over and just before I started editing this video I was on in the apiary and there are guard bees and Scouts already checking out the flow hive two it has no resources in it in has acorn waxed frames in it and of course the flow hive frames it’s gonna be interesting to share with you how that goes I’d like to attract a swarm to it without doing any honeybee install at all so look for that in upcoming videos it’s going to be interesting I promise they are actually setting up shop the Scout bees are even guarding the empty hive so I think they’re acting as placeholders.


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