• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Hunter HEPA Air Purifier Tower 3pack with LongLife Filter

Fifteen more minutes and we’ll get to it and then I want you to make sure to get the be a Gemini go all right so my next item and the next guest who’s joining me is miss Tracy because Tracy always say this and went to a restaurant and you got a glass of water and there was one little speck of dirt floating around in it I’d be like oh my goodness take it back I need another glass of water but we never Tracy really think about the air we breathe and you’ve got that answer right now absolutely because you know air purifiers have one job Suzanne and that is to clean the air because if the air purifiers are not cleaning the air your lungs are doing it and it’s just a dirty reality and I want to show you first and foremost you’re getting a 3-pack tonight but inside of this smoke chamber we have just one of our hunter air purifiers it is full of smoke the hardest smallest particles in the air to clean and as you can see you can hardly see my hand behind here.

I’m gonna go ahead and turn this on and you’re gonna see that within a matter of seconds we are moving the air we are cleaning the air you can see that we’ve got two different chambers going on right here and that’s one of the things that makes this different from the other air purifiers out there on the market there are two different filtration systems in each one of those filtration systems there are at least three filters in there so I want to go ahead and over here and show you exactly what I’m talking about when you’re come with us remember you’re getting three fantastic this is an entire room filtration system for you or an entire house filtration system for you and there are things about this that really make a difference OU’s an that I love because listen air purifiers are pretty much similar across the board you’ve got the design which is this is a great design you’ve got motors in there which help you know move the air and clean the air but what you have to focus on is the filtration system because that’s what cleans the air and hunter does it better it does it better than anything else that there’s been there for 135 years so here’s our filtration system you’re getting – okay so there are two filtration systems in each one of these systems there are three filters.

You have our pre-filter right here which is exclusive to HSN it’s biosilver technology that means that back I can’t grow here live mold pores can’t go here can’t live in here the next one is our bamboo carbon filled technology that means that all of those nasty smells won’t get passed here so the brute toast the fishy smells the hair sprays the nail polishes the nail polish removers it stops right there and then the creme de la creme right here this is our HEPA filter and this is a true HEPA filter remember you’re not just getting one of these in each unit you’re getting three our two systems all right which is great and getting three you’re right so.

I’m a nerd and I love my job so and I’m really bad at math but I did do the division on this one and really if you’re thinking about getting hunter and this is the top of the line when it comes to filtration this is the long life filters that are included and we’re talking about the ultimate like if you truly need and want the ultimate in cleaning you want to get a system like this this comes out to $60.00 per unit that just floored me I can usually only do a 2-pack it’ll be like 149 for two to be able to get all three it’s almost like a mini today’s special really when you think about it because it’s only $60 per unit.

I have a hunter in fact I have 200 I only have two which is funny so I did have to pick which rules are gonna be very clean inside earlier right and so and I love them I run them 24/7 I think they’re phenomenal and if you’ve got anything in your home or anybody in your home that’s really sensitive to any kind of pollen and dust and all that kind of crazy stuff and maybe they’re hypersensitive to it I would highly recommend going this route because now you’re talking the ultimate and you’re really covering basically the whole house when it comes to truly purifying your air to the one of the highest level absolutely and here’s the thing our air is dirty you know and especially when we have our windows closed the air inside of our home is sometimes dirtier than the air outside because it gets trapped in so anytime that those windows are shut you know all that stuff is being trapped in there one of the reasons why this is different also is that it’s taking air from the top and air from the bottom and then moving it so check this out I love that shot up top right there because I want to show you I’m gonna turn this on high you have three different levels but here’s a tissue watch how do you see it immediate Lee is sucking that air in through the top okay that’s just that top vent come down to the bottom one for just a second underneath here so it’s grabbing that air from the bottom as well and sucking it up.

Okay why is that important that’s important because it’s grabbing the air from the top of the room and the air from the bottom of the room so it’s not just that middle of the room air it’s that full circulation you can’t clean air unless you move air and listen Hunter’s doing it better than anything else out there I mean you know an hunter just does great quality again I’m so nerdy about my job the other day I was looking at the fans of my house the ceiling fans and I was really admiring the one that has been there the longest it’s so quiet it still works like a charm it makes the air move beautifully and guess what name was on it it’s a hunter right so when you get this you know you’re getting one of the best best lines in the world when it comes to air movement they research at all they go crazy at this they go to crazy limbs and make sure yeah who thought bamboo now this is a changeable filter now why is that important well if you want one of the highest levels of cleaning you want to go here I know there’s ones that are perimeters and they work pretty good they’re fine but this is that next level but the nice part about it is there are also long lasting filters and you said Tracy earlier how long approximately about a year I mean one filter you know and sake remember you’re getting three speaking of quiet we’ve got all six on you know.

So, I mean the fact that you have six air purifiers on at this one time and you’re not getting blown away by the noise listen we can take it up to high you know this is like a breakfast when I brought breakfast right here you want to really kick it on high it has a timer as well so you can set the timer right away and it lets you know you can do two hours it’ll go off after four hours or after eight hours it’ll allow you plus you’ve got a indicator light right here that lets you know hey you need to pay a little extra attention to the filter and it lets you know when it’s time to clean it all right with two coats by the way the three set of black or the three set of the dusty blue with an ivory color and I think this is a really cool design I do too it’s super mod looking and it’s very like not a call very soft you know it’s and again this is your whole room so or hole home solution for air purification you know why I always say you’d never drink on filtered water you never breathe on filtered water and your air will get cleaned I would never breathe on a filter in water you would never breathe in filtered air seriously to your point it amazes me because okay think about this think about if you go to a restaurant and they give you a fork and as one little speck of an egg yolk a dried egg yolk you’re actually really appalled do you know you’re like oh my gosh but yet we don’t think about all the pollutants in our air and there are millions and billions of particles in the air that we force our bodies to try to handle and why do that I am a really huge believer in air purification why not make it easier you know what else just as a side benefit you have less dust right which is great and I’ll tell you what’s really crazy is when you go to check the pre filters and all the filters maybe after the first week or so you have this really creeped out the feeling of like really I used to be breathing all that in I kind of when you get that film it’s almost like parchment paper right of all  the stuff that first filter cap it is very satisfying to see this first and foremost on thinking God.

Oh I really have that nasty of a house but that’s not the truth of the matter that just means that this is doing the job that needs to be done so you immediately smell fresher air crisper air so that’s what I love about this and listen as a mom as a wife is all that stuff this pre-filter is a really big deal to me because this is exclusive and it’s virus silver technology so cold and flu season around the corner again not making medical claims but bacteria can’t grow here that’s here mold can’t grow here so those live spores cannot get past this pre-filter so think of that like when somebody comes to your home and they sneeze and that bacteria goes out into your air two choices here or here at you Center even if you’ve got kids are going into elementary school oh my gosh you know what happens when kids get sick and then everybody no let’s go get sick and then it’s a hot mess at least you got a fighting chance right okay and I love the fact that literally for about the price we do one normal hunter tower you actually are getting all three of these and you are buying a higher level of air purification with this I think that’s really the difference between all of our other hunters and all our other air purifier and the three you see in front of us so just remember that if you’re really looking for that ultimate ultimate super clean air this is what I think this represents clearly one of the things about this is remember.

There are two separate filtration systems in here okay there’s one at the top and then there’s one at the bottom so pay attention to those when I turn it in because it is going to immediately go ahead and start moving and cleaning that air and then you automatically see where it’s pulling that dirty air up from the bottom and where it’s pulling it down from the top so it’s not like it’s just grabbing that middle of the room air it’s grabbing it from the floor and the top and again giving you that instant instant relief and again smoke is the hardest thing to clean out of the air because you can’t they’re their smallest particles right you know so if we can get the smallest ones we can get the biggest ones that well and that as well and that’s the pet dander that’s the pollen those the hair particles as well and remember because we have that that bamboo carbon filter in there as well it’s gonna get rid of the odors which is a really really big deal to me again and I totally mentioned too we launched these very successfully at $199 and again you get it it’s three of them it’s not one for $1.99 or 179.

So we brought it back we have it at a great fall price plus we’ve added at the free shipping which saves you a good amount of money what is it I can’t read it’s too far away eighteen dollars almost eighteen right so that’s and that’s a nice savings there and of course the five flex pays means with any major credit card or PayPal you’re gonna spread your payment’s out over five months but we ship it right away and this is the time of year especially with back-to-school get these going you really will feel and see a difference when you have air purifiers yeah and like I said the first thing you’re gonna notice is that your air is going to smell fresher if you’re like means is in your gonna check that filter because you want to make sure it’s getting the job done and you’ll see it right away you know and remember with this it’s exclusive technology here Hunter’s been around for a hundred and thirty five years they have perfected how to move air how to clean air they’ve given you exclusive technology they’ve given you the best that we can offer out on the market and true help of a filtration system so it’s going to get up to 99.9% of all of the stuff out of the air it’s amazing yeah 99.9% I mean that’s a that’s a lot of stuff that currently are forcing your body to work through yeah and we wonder why we wake up with sniffles and run ease and sneeze.