• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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Whether or not you play baseball for a living or you dealt with you’re a drug-free unassisted lifter you need the elp if you’re going to look for it anywhere for recovery muscle recovery joint recovery that’s what really we’re all about here my background as a physical therapist is obviously in muscles and joints the first thing we came out with last year provided some of the top major league baseball teams including four of the ten baseball at mlb.com can export a lot of you guys been using mechanics to address joint information look guys if your joints hurt you we talked about the cycle of pain all the time if your joints hurt what happens you’re going to compensate right you’re gonna try to move yourself away from pain if you move away from the pain guess.

What happens next now with those compensations you’re asking muscles and joints to take on loads from muscles and joints that we’re ill-equipped to handle it before and now you’re putting too much stress on those new joints and you get breakdowns other places when those areas break down guess what happens you get more pain there and the cycle continues you got to start intervening here and doing everything you can to try to break that cycle of in you do that again we do it here with the mechanics we do it for all of our athletes this year now excited actually for me this is a good place for me to be to be able to talk about reconstruction again this is our rx-3 recovery in recovery is everything guys remember muscle recovery is just is probably the biggest thing.

You have as again a natural lifter if you’re going to accelerate your gains in the gym because anabolic steroids give us the Benefit of being able to recover faster recuperate that is their main benefit it pretty much allows us these training capacities that are super human that we don’t otherwise have so if you’re going to try to see games the best games you can you want to try to do something that allows you to either slow down the breakdown or speed up the growth and what we really focus on the most because we have the most control over it is slowing down the breakdown of the body allowing us to control the information allowing us to control the breakdown of our muscles so that we can compensate and come back bigger and stronger so if supplementation necessary not for everybody again I talked about guys that are so overweight forty percent body fat thirty percent body fat obviously joint mechanics is something you might want to consider because all that excess strain on your joints but you’re really not at the fine-tuning stage of really muscle recovery as you much have to get your diet cleaned up and get moving but when you start training and taking it seriously you start to see better and better result.

So you start getting dialed in muscle recovery becomes very important it becomes very much something you should be focusing on so anyway guys I got to run back into the meetings we got a lot of teams in there that I have to talk to still but I wanted to make sure you guys knew what I was up to and gave you a kind of a glimpse into what you should be focusing on if you’re going to supplement what the direction is going here in 2016 and beyond it’s all about recovery recovery recovery so you want to make sure you’re doing that if you’re looking for these supplements and you want to start putting the the science back in your supplementation guys head to athleanx.com and meantime I just want to do a quick little shoot I kinda pulled away here I go back and talked to some of the teams inside but I want to bring out location.