• Sun. May 1st, 2022

Pink Clay & Salt Soap Making

Pink Clay & Salt Soap Making

One of my favorite soaps with salt pink clay and scented with a pink grapefruit blend of essential oils I posted a video of my original version of this soap about five years ago I’ll link it below in case you’re interested in seeing that soap as well it’s probably my favorite soap because of the lather but also the scent and how my skin feels after using it I decided to modify the original soap a bit by trying extra fine Himalayan salt and also using the pink clay throughout the bar instead of just a swirl on top typically salt bars will contain fifty to a hundred percent of the oil weight and salt however this soap only contains salt at about ten percent of the oil weight when I formulated this recipe years ago tried different percentages and really preferred the bars with a lower amount of salt.

You can add more or even less if you like there’s just a few things to keep in mind when making salt bars adding salt will greatly reduce the lather completely in fact so you’ll need to use a higher percentage of coconut oil than you normally would to counteract this then to avoid the drying effects of using so much coconut oil you’ll want to increase the super fat in your recipe here you’ll notice that I chose to increase my super fat to 12% I normally use five to six percent in my regular recipes I’ll link several posts in the description box below that contain recipes using various amounts of salt and also information on formulating your own salt soap before making the soap I first hydrated some pink kale and clay I measured out two teaspoons and added just enough distilled water to make it fluid all of this will be used in the soap so you could just add the dry clay either directly to the oils or a trace I usually hydrate clays.

So they’re easy to blend in when I’m worried about trace with a complicated swirl however that wasn’t the case with this soap and I simply mixed it with water out of habit once the soap reached a very light trace I added the essential oils and kaolin clay I used one teaspoon of white kale and clay for 450 grams of oil in my recipe I’m not really sure if adding kale and clay helps retain the scent in soap I just like how the soap feels so I use it in almost all of my recipes next I added all of the pink kale and clay I measured out earlier this amounted to a usage rate of 3/4 teaspoon pink clay for 450 grams of oil and my recipe I continued blending until I thought the soap was thick enough to hold the salt and keep it from sinking to the bottom I used an extra fine-grained pink Himalayan salt in this soap I’ve also used spine white sea salt and non-iodized table salt in previous batches I prefer a fine or extra fine grain salt and find the coarse salts to be a bit too scratchy for me.

I don’t have any experience using other types of salt but I’ve read that it’s best to avoid dead sea salt and Epsom salts due to their high mineral content which can make the soap soft and sticky when the salt is first added you’ll notice a lot of air bubbles as you stir they always seem to make their way out though because I’ve never noticed any pockets of air and my finish so I usually blend a little just to make sure there are no clumps of salt left in the batter to keep from smashing the top of the soap I used a piece of bent cardboard as a cover then I filled the soap from air as best I could with some plastic wrap I insulated this soap with another batch wrapping them in towels together and left them on the counter overnight my shop was really warm that day and insulating them together apparently caused this one to overheat a bit leaving a crack in the top normally this doesn’t happen with my salt soaps but the soap is completely fine because I use a lower percentage of salt I’m able to wait and cut my bars the next morning if you’re using a high percentage of salt you’ll need to cut the bars as soon as the soap sets up or you can just use individual cavity molds instead even with the lower percentage of salt the bars are still very hard and waiting much longer makes it quite difficult to cut without breaking the wire on my cutter.