• Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Side Effects Of Taking Too Much Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a prominent mineral which keeps your cells healthy and is responsible for the growth and repair of tissues throughout the body you also need vitamin C to keep skin supple a dinosaur peein heal wounds and form important scar tissues it also helps keep your bones teeth cartilage and blood vessels in good working condition while there’s no denying the benefits of vitamin C and how integral it is to our bodies can you still have too much of vitamin C we will show you what happens to your body when you do high intake of vitamin C has not been found to have serious health implications however preliminary research and the odd reports indicate some side effects let’s have a look into four prominent side effects of having excess vitamin C number one gastrointestinal disturbances the most common side effects of taking too much vitamin C are stomach cramps diarrhea and nausea all of which happened when the vitamin is not absorbed efficiently by the gastrointestinal system the amount of vitamin C that can trigger these problems have been found to vary from person to person most mild to moderate cases tend to resolve when the supplements are temporarily stopped or the dosage is reduced number two kidney stones.

When vitamin C is metabolized in the body compounds called oxalate are produced which are normally excreted in urine high levels of oxalate can combined with calcium in the bloodstream and raise your risk of kidney stones some studies implicate excessive supplemental vitamin C with a higher risk of kidney stones to be safe people who are told kidney stones or have other renal problems the in caution while having high-dose vitamin C supplements number three and overload vitamin C promotes the absorption of non he mine and thus helps prevent iron deficiency anemia non heme iron is iron sourced from plant-based foods and is also found in meat to some extent a high intake of vitamin c could enhance an absorption and people who already have high iron stores and can possibly lead to iron toxicity number four possibility of cardiovascular disease.

A study showed that high doses of vitamin C supplements can trigger cardiovascular disease in individuals who already have other underlying health conditions consuming over 300 milligrams per day of vitamin C supplements was associated with cardiovascular disease among postmenopausal women with diabetes this was observed only in a single study and is not established firmly yet however better avoid taking excess vitamin C so these are four prominent side effects of having excess vitamin C take a note of them to stay at the safer side.