• Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Signature Club A Vitamin C Ageless Skin 2piece Set

For us and you brought us an amazing duo that will be here out of this day only price we’re talking about two of our most famous to over most iconic all-time bestsellers you are getting the extra-large size in the day cream and  hen you’re also getting her famous might have been C capsules but look at those at before-and-afters you can already see the difference you can see  it starting to work take a look at this you can see look the foreheads the most difficult place to work on wrinkles look at the before look at the after and these products for women over 40 only hey’re too powerful.

If you’re under 40 but what you’re getting is really I’ve been pretty amazing this is our answer gold it is my biggest selling day cream f all and this is one ounce that’s what we always sell this is almost 4 ounces almost 4 ounces what is this this is a iant jar of wrinkle filling 30 SPF day  cream we put it together with our colossal capsules and you get 20 of them now what are the colossal capsules vitamin C capsules that go on the skin and look at how much you get each  capsule is like a full jar of cream if you took the capsule and you go neck your decollete you get enough for everywhere what’s the best part of these two products they work together.

Let me going to get giant capsules almost four imes the size of the day cream and we have never ever had it at this price in fact I let me show you what incredible value this is now it’s only for today just like our today’s special the beautiful brand-new Christmas trees are only for one day only at this price so is this duo so lock this in now if you were just to shop for the beautiful 1,000 ounce of gold spectrum day cream here today that would be $80 and the vitamin C capsules her most famous most iconic RTC infused vitamin C capsules those are $50 on their own so you’d be spending a hundred and thirty dollars at retail but because we’re doing an HSN exclusive celebrating 25 years here on HSN.

We’re gonna give you a new low price like you’ve never seen before and what I love is that if you’re brand new to signature club a this would be a great place to start right Adrienne because you get a day cream and then you get a nice rate important to products era really make yeah let me show you how hey work this is your capsule now this  capsule is a vitamin C treatment that is made by a giant pharmaceutical company I don’t make it the pharmaceutical company came to HSN and said we have an over 40 cosmeceutical capsule for wrinkles and we’d like adrienne arpel to sell it so I want you to see what it is you take the capsule and every other night you shoot it wrinkle by wrinkle line by line and it will continue to work for two to three days it will work if you have a menopausal sweat it’ll work if you will just if you go out in a snowstorm what’s so amazing about it is it glues itself invisibly to your skin and will work two to three days now what does it do well understand vitamin C is the most important anti-wrinkle ingredient you can use in anything and this vitamin C is so very different because you’re getting 20 separate little jars of cream that go on your skin now this vitamin C again not made by me but a giant pharmaceutical company will go deeper and work faster than other forms of vitamin C on the skin now that’s what you’re using every other day now how about the cream that’s four times almost four times the size of our regular size and let me tell you we sold a hundred and thirty nine are you ready for this a hundred and thirty nine thousand of the small ones alone Wow pop so 137 million a hundred of I’m sad I see you exactly what