• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Some Coronavirus Patients Report Symptoms Persistent

A few people who tested positive for coronavirus weeks ago now they’re testing negative but they still have symptoms what are they telling you hey Allison yeah I talked to one woman in Boston who is now on day 51 of a low-grade fever extreme exhaustion and fatigue she wakes up in the middle of the night sweating her clothes and her sheets absolutely drenched she’s shivering sunlight her whole body is shaking by morning she starts to feel a little bit better maybe I can throw a load of laundry on or something at least but then as the afternoon progresses.

Those symptoms start to creep in again and the whole cycle just sort of repeats itself every single day she said it’s just absolutely maddening and wondered frightening Li if it could be permanent I’ve talked with another man on the other side of the country in Seattle who is also experiencing symptoms for weeks on end they’re a little bit different he’s had numbness in his arms and legs and some shortness of breath in fact that trouble breathing has landed him back in the ER twice in the past week alone they’re both in their early 30s they neither didn’t have any you know underlying health conditions that might put them at greater risk for complications and I’ll tell you Allison.

Since we posted that story last night I’ve had well over a hundred messages on email or on social media saying oh gosh I thought I was the only one I’m not alone and people are writing in with very similar long-term symptoms and they just don’t know what’s going on Allison Erica that is really scary stuff and to hear it happening to so many people to health experts or do we have any idea hy these symptoms are lasting so long for certain people well that’s a good question I mean it’s really just way too soon for doctors to have a good understanding I mean I will say that there’s no evidence that they are becoming infected again or having a secondary infection like bacterial pneumonia I mean right now a lot of the focus is rightfully on the sickest patients in intensive care units however it’s really going to be critically important for researchers to go back and do some proper studies of these folks would be seemingly never ending symptoms I mean or their antibody is different is there it’s at their genetics that’s causing them to be more vulnerable or there are certain medications that are either hurting or elping them doctors just simply don’t know those answers yet Pallas America we know some of these patients have not been sick enough to go to a hospital is there anything they can do at home to get some relief yeah well as you know I  mean there’s no specific treatment for the corona virus and all of these folks can do at this point is treat their symptoms.

So that means you know over-the-counter pain relievers it might mean blood thinners in some cases or steroids or other breathing treatments one thing they need is rest it’s a really hard thing to do when these folks are telling me that you know they lie down at night that’s when their symptoms pop up again and they are all of a sudden overcome with it’s just intense fear that they will progressively getworse and maybe even end up needing to be hospitalized overnight they have trouble sleeping and it’s just this this vicious ongoing cycle Allison oh they must be just exhausted for any of our viewers watching this who who may think they have the coronavirus aren’t sure when it is appropriate to go to the hospital when should you stop taking care of yourself at home and say alright it’s time I got to go to the hospital single biggest factor but you need to be paying attention to if shortness of breath if you are not able to take in deep breaths that’s a sign that you need to call 911 that is an emergency let’s say you have trouble getting up out of a chair and you get winded that’s another sign you need to call somebody and that would be a call to 9-1-1 right now children for the most part I will say have largely been spared a lot of the complications of the quarter virus which is great however I’ve talked with the pediatric infectious disease doctor earlier today she said that you know parents should watch out for any spikes and fever if kids have do spiked a really high fever and if they seem off parents know what we’re talking about if you’re just if your kid isn’t acting the way he or she normally does I do have that fever and they’ve been diagnosed or at least you think that they do have the corona virus that is worth a call to the pediatrician at the very least to find out what’s going on Allison great information very helpful advice.