• Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

The Dangers of Chewable Vitamin C

First reported rumor is chewable vitamin C erodes your teeth and I heard this Chris what’s the real deal the real deal is these are real bad so vitamin C is actually a sorbic acid and a sorbic acid is as strong as stomach acid so these tablets are basically stomach acid that you’re chewing right there’s a residue that’s gonna linger on your teeth for a long time afterward and that’s gonna soften your enamel and this is especially dangerous in kids because they have very thin enamel so it puts everybody at extra risk of getting cavities and they even make a gummy version of this which I mean obviously it’s delicious right like we love just pop like 10 of those remember with the kids give them one you take two because s a parent.

We all actually kind of  think that this might be better than candy Oh at least they’re eating this it’s sweet they like it and it’s some form of a vitamin exactly what you’re saying is actually even worse for them t’s definitely worse and it’s so easy to get a hundred percent of your daily value of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables even like broccoli strawberries whatever that’s so much.

Better than oh here take this little acid snack and ruin your teeth like I mean is that true that anything that’s really acidic is not good for the enamel of your teeth yeah absolutely the outer enamel can get worn away very easily in fact the whole cavity process is because bacteria produce acid on our teeth so this is just really helping them out in their you know wait a min set you up for also all sorts of problems cavities staining insensitivity riddled teeth whatever so I would say stay away from them.