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The Miracle Healing of Pink Himalayan Salt

The Miracle Healing of Pink Himalayan Salt

The miracle healing of the pink Himalayan salt we are streaming live as notifications are being sent out this is something Wow there’s a lot of controversy on salts sea salt table salts but this is one topic I want to specify because doing my homework and using this myself as well as recommending it to many many many people over the years particularly patients and people that I’ve been acquainted with as well as media from TV to radio this is something that is really unique because of the mineral contents of what’s in here it’s raw it’s not refined it’s not stripped let’s go right into it I got a lot to say and we’ll try to move on this real quick so we can educate you about this pink Himalayan salt what I love about it number one it’s raw and unrefined the dirty secret and the salt industry is leaving only this sodium chloride obviously they’re stripping it and then they may be adding the iodine people talk about the goiters and these thyroid problems but we don’t have to worry about that so much because we get plenty of iodine from other foods oh we eat but the most important thing is realized that the old simple salt.

They’re adding all kinds of funky things to it to keep it from clumping together anti-caking agents there are other things that people have no idea it’s what they’re actually eating but when it comes down to the pink Himalayan salt this is definitely a better choice I’m going to go into some very important thing for you but most important about the pink Himalayan salt up to 84 different trace minerals from calcium the chloride to iron tomb Agony’s to phosphorus potassium sodium and i’ll see if i can go ahead and try to name a whole lot more that I can to pronounce some of these names but it is quite fascinating this is fascinating this is a mother nature’s way of life this is something that really has done benefits for me and for many that I have come across with and I’m sure it could do benefits for you I realize that we were looking at minerals and the purpose of minerals are so majorly important we look at salt it’s a major component of all biological fluids including our blood plasma our lymphatic fluid or extracellular fluid.

Our synovial fluid that means our joints guess what pain in the joints swelling in the joints this can help you salts important for all the cells to absorb water and nutrients it’s important for the help in the body regulating blood pressure remember that minerals and electrolytes provided by salts are essential to the nervous system and between the muscles nerves and what happens so many of my you could say people who come to my channel have pain so this is gonna be quite fun let’s go right to it as we move up the ladder cleanses the sinus very good for sinuses now many people are using sodium chloride or different kinds of salts to flush to nasal to irrigate the sinuses this really is an amazing thing with sinuses because it helps with pollens and particularly those people who are susceptible to have a lot of pain in the maxillary area even some people who have like tinnitus ringing tinnitus or ringing in the ears or sometimes in vertigo as a result of clogging of the station tubes.

This is something that can really be nice so keep that in mind here improved hydration uh this will definitely help hydration because we’re dealing with many trace minerals I’m not going to go into the physiology of all this I just wanted to bring you the large topic that I could just throw this across and get you to digest this that acts as a power ful antihistamine which will help the sinuses it will actually help the congestion ex excellent antihistamine promotes good blood sugar levels the minerals help work with the pancreas it helps work with the nervous system and the hormones in the body the thyroid is actually tremendously directly affected by these minerals and the adrenal functions for people who are under a lot of stress people who have hypothyroidism people who may be retaining lots of fluids or gaining weight and realizing why they’re gaining weight and they can no no doctors configured out here is something that there are lots of studies as well as not only studies but I literally spent a day going through blogs I went through even through Amazon I went through all the reviews and I pulled these things out for people who have been experiencing these particular conditions listen there are studies by doctors out there and by people out.

There trying to sell things but to me there’s nothing better than reading reviews of people who are actually experiencing miracles in their own life and that’s where I base my a lot of my education from supports hormone balance there is no question that as we talked about the thyroid the thyroid is regulated by many different hormones particularly the anterior pituitary and anterior pituitary as well but that is something to keep in mind those people who get a lot of muscle cramps there is no question that you need those minerals those minerals make a big difference particularly electrolytes which you’re going to find there is sodium there’s chloride but again how all this works together is beyond what man knows again scientifically we could analyze under a microscope.

We can run blood work but we don’t know all of the reasons why all of these things happen but again this is medicinal this is something that’s natural this is in its raw state this is nothing that’s been taken by man it’s nots been stripped you’ve got something that’s whole that’s been around for thousands of years and this is something that I’m giving definitely a heads up detoxifies the body by balancing pH it will raise the pH so if it does raise your pH where does that tell you by having more alkalinity in your system that actually prevents sickness meaning that bacteria viruses cancer all those things do not really do anything because it only works mainly in an acidic environment it helps balance blood sugar we look at here improves respiration respiratory conditions for people of smoke people who have problems in the lungs there’s been many people who have claimed that their lungs have reversed from problems or the could say scar tissue and stuff this is something that I’ve read so I decided I would post it and I would share it with you I’m sure in the chatroom many of you may have lots of education about this maybe you’re taking this as well or maybe your family’s with it and if you can share it with any of our chatters out there I would appreciate it and share it with me as well.

I would always be willing to learn more as that’s why we’re here together improves inflammatory skin conditions here’s a this is really quite fascinating people who have chronic sore a psoriasis dermatitis eczema or you know any type of inflammatory condition on the skin this has been known to really help skin conditions reduces signs of aging it will help the skin it keeps the skin from aging where it flourishes more moisture more of an antioxidant with the skin and obviously I’m not telling you that you can go in the Sun and do everything in the world that your skin does not like and just go ahead and start doing something else you really need to make sure you’re still hydrating sleeping keeping the stress down keeping a positive attitude lots of greens and on the grains it’s good but to make sure you’re getting the omega-3 so Omega 3 is out of anything out there I have to go ahead and say that is probably one of the most important reduces asthma I think there’s a lot to do with the autoimmune when it comes down to asthmatics or the we can say allergic the antigens that go on ithin your system and how the antibodies work from maybe what you’re breathing in where you’re eating we know that this helps increase bone strength we’re dealing with minerals okay we’re looking at vascular health hey listen Wow why would we want better vascular health improves our sleeping patterns there’s been a lot of people talking about insomnia and people who have been on this particular salt have noticed that their sleeping patterns have been much better a better absorption now.

This is reason why I wanted to bring this up is because people out there you know you may be taking all kinds of vitamins and minerals and and all these other kinds of things you’re saying well this is gonna really help me feel better and help you know detoxify me but if you’re not absorbing things in the small intestine you’re not getting into your system so don’t be fooled there’s a lot of people who are toxic a lot of people out there who have attacked I wouldn’t say toxemia but you can say the intestines are very toxic and your system needs to be detoxified because auto intoxication is a big problem that leads to a lot of ill health and disease very essential to the nervous system and something up my alley when it comes to muscles and nerves and the ability for the central nervous system to communicate throughout the body this is definitely a biggie a clears post nasal drip I’m going right back to the antihistamine this has been known for people ever that that dripping behind the throat people swear by this when I say swear by this this has really been a helpful thing there’s a very very dear friend of mine who’s an attorney I put him on this I turned him out about six months ago he’s had post nasal drip probably about this whole life that he can remember don’t ask me why or how but I still will say that it’s from those natural great minerals and those essential magical things that work together in the whole state support your libido well that’s a big one now.

I don’t know anyone out there who don’t who doesn’t want to support their libido I mean I’m not gonna go deep into that subject but again these particular questions come up and these comments come up and these people mentioning these things I said okay that’s always nice to know that because that only can be something that is good we look at the support weight loss by balancing hormones again everything when we look at weight loss we look at some people would talk of you know hypothyroidism Hashimoto’s and all these different kind of situations that go on through the hormone answer your pituitary but I believe a lot of these conditions like you know you have a little retention the fluid retention you can never get rid of it you try to diet that’s because there is hormonal imbalances females males everyone has hormones at different degrees but particularly in females the estrogen progesterone what goes on and there are still all being related and regulated by the anterior pituitary the thyroid and you know what I’ve noticed a lot of people out there that even though you have normal t3 t4 thyroid levels you’re still hypothyroidism because if you’re symptomatology there’s a lot of people who just can’t lose weight can’t get that gut can’t get that hat swelling around the abdomen gone and another big thing then one of my videos we talked about was extra virgin coconut oil the coconut oil has been extremely good for hypothyroidism and anyone out there who’s having these issues I really urge you to start digging on the internet I look at the coconut oil what it can do for hypothyroidism quite amazing I thought I would share that with you anyways I just I hope that this kind of gives you gives you a little bit of better on chanting always tell you to do your homework and research and stay proactive if you are new to this channel I ask you to subscribe because of the fact you will continue to get notifications I am one that likes to come on live particularly late at night but I love the stream I love to educate I love to teach you check out my Facebook motivational.