• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022



The benefits of sea salt how can see salt protect you how can you protect your home with sea salt and also how can you class yourself with sea salt during the summer we normally go to the beach and we cleanse herself unknowingly by just taking a swim in the ocean we are naturally cleansing ourselves and we might not even know it but those who know about spirit you can see know that the sea water is very very good to remove negative energy back love jinxes and all sorts of things and the same uses has sea salt and I will be teaching you guys ways that you can use sea salt to cleanse yourself.

If you do not have access to the beach it is very simple there is no particular technique you can just go to the beach as you normally do and just break in the waters wash in the waters as you mentally pray for the ocean waters to cleanse you or for jynx for negative energy or bad luck and that is it but there are others that go to the beach with the intention of blessing themselves with the ocean waters and sometimes they wear some old clothes and after they wash in the ocean waters they leave those clothes behind they throw them in the garbage can leaving everything behind all bad luck and everything that was affecting in their lives so that’s not another way that you guys can do it but if you’re at the beach I always recommend that you do this prior to leaving the beach you go take your swim and throw yourself three times backwards by the shore not deep in the waters because if your spiritual if you’re some that’s developing spiritually the ocean waters can pull you in so you have to be very careful with that so you can just sit by the shore and just wash yourself with the ocean waters prior to leaving the beach especially if that’s not too many people around and then thank the ocean you do not have to throw any particular foods in the ocean because this is something that unless you’re doing it under the guidance of Jamaica or lysterine then you have to do a particular offering.

But if you’re just going if you just want to do into it discretely you can just throw three pennies in the oceans and thank the ocean for cleansing you and just turn around and leave and outlook back it’s very simple I have not had the luck of going to the beach yet and I know many of you most likely have been working so hard and have not the chance to go to the beach either so there is a simple way that you can use sea salt to also cleanse yourself at home and this is very easy because you can find sea salt in any supermarket in any health food stores or any one time income you can just buy your pack of sea salt make sure you buy a lot because I’m also going to tell you how you can protect your home with sea salt so how do you cleanse yourself at home if you cannot make it to the beach very simple there are two ways you can put your top of water and as you’re adding the salt the sea salt very particular about that it must be sea salt because it doesn’t contain any chemicals that you want the purest kind of sea salt as you added in your tub of water you’re praying for the sea salt to remove all negative energy or bad love like I said all jinxes and whatever it is that you want to remove from your life that’s negative that’s holding you back from achieving your goals you’re going to pray that and then you’re going to soak in there for a few minutes and after you’re done wash yourself with clear water watch the salt off and then just dry yourself or some clean clothes.

And that is its but make sure to clean the top wash it out you want to remove any negative energy that has stayed behind that is one way you can do it and then the second way is by taking a washcloth and adding some sea salt as you also pray over it it’s very important that you state your intention and what are you using that sea salt for so you pray over it as I mentioned before and take your washcloth and make like a bundle and wash yourself with that after you wet it wash yourself with it at the same time you pray that you’re washing away or negative energy then you shower with some clear water and that is it very very simple these are ways that you can cleanse yourself if you cannot make it to the beach now I’m going to tell you ways that you can protect your home from negative energy and dark spirits all our spirits with sea salt because sea salt is very very good to keep away these lower vibrational spirits first I’m going to start by telling you how you can protect your door that is very very important to protect your door if you live in a house and you have a back door at the front door.

You can use this to protect both entrances how can you do this you take a small amount of sea salt and you pray over it maybe sea so protect my door from all the other entities dark spirits or wishcraft I mean just place it on the floor one on the left side and then one on the right you can also make like a very thin line but if you cannot cover it with a rug or something the easiest way to do is to place those small bundles on each side on the floor and be careful that you don’t sweep it in when you’re sweeping your home this will protect your door from any guff spirits entering your home and or coming in with a guest or a friend or some are just walking in and these spirits are attached to that person you do not want this to stay in your home so that is a way that you can protect your front door and your back door another way this first revealed to me when I was about to film this video is to take a small pouch something like this you ready you could do it it red or white and play some sea salt in there there my spirits as I’m speaking I could hear them again they said to hang this behind the door with some sea salt which I’m going to do immediately after I’m done with this video I am going to places behind my door and they said this is very good protection to protect against this lower level spirits and entity but that is another way that you can protect the entrance of your door what other ways you can use sea salt to protect your home by placing in the four corners of your living room for shot glasses with small amounts of water in sea salt you place it in the four corners if you feel that there’s some negative energy in your home if you have felt a presence and there use this just to make sure that that the energy in your home is purified and it’s close that nothing stay in the corner sometimes we have a lot of junk in the corners and we can get in there so make sure you put a shot glass we see salts and by the end of the week you can remove it or replace it.

You can also do this in your children’s room and you can do this in your bedroom you can also add some sea salt to a glass of water and place it by your night table to help you sleep and protect you while you sleep these are very simple ways that you can you see so to protect yourself you may say how about for luck you think also you see salt for luck you can use one of these small pouches and what you will do is add a couple of grains of sea salt in there and rosemary and you will carry this with you wherever you go when you go gambling when you go bet on the horses or you go to a casino carry your pouch with you the rosemary will also protect you and bring you luck and the sea salt we’ll make sure that nobody’s jinx is attach itself to you you know sometimes there are people that go gambling and the luck is not that good we can attract.

It so this is a way to protect yourself and also attract good luck into your life so these are very simple ways that you can use sea salt to protect your family to protect your home and to cleanse yourself you can also use it as a floor wash by adding sea salt to a bucket of cold water it’s just like bringing the ocean into your home and mopping your home but that sea salt water as you pray that it cleanses and gets rid of any negative energy always from back to front when you’re cleansing your home to get rid of any jinxes or anything that you feel is causing disturbance in the home always make sure to mark from back to front and like I said these are very simple ways that you can used to protect your home but um sea salt if you cannot make it to the beach then you can still enjoy the benefits of cleansing yourself with salt water but make sure that you use sea salt that is pure and natural sea salt that it doesn’t have any any chemicals in it so guys if you have any questions in