• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Viomi Airman TVOC Anti HEPA Air Purifier UV Mosquito Catcher

The all new vyomi air purifier or what they call the Airman. There you go so it’s an all-new design from viomi and probably one of their first air purifiers in the market so we have here something that we really need this season or shall i say this pandemic so we have some features like uh an uv, three layers of fillers and of course wi-fi control. This is what i need, anti-virus std or whatever they mean. So yeah, why not let’s go ahead and unbox this one. So what i like about the biome ecosystem is that you can control all your gadgets using your refrigerator which i have at home. So all you need is this panel. You can control your washing machine everything attached to it.

Dishwasher, so many gadgets you can connect from vyomi and to give you a heads up this item is 45 watts. It’s a bit heavy so let’s go ahead so right now we’ll cut open the air man just like this and there you go see what it has inside the packing is full of styro okay so you can see outright well it’s pretty packed tight so you have the manuals here and air purify itself there so yeah i’ll be unboxing it i’ll show you the full product right now so guys we have already unboxed the vyomi airman.

And right now, we’re going to take a tour around this uh new air purifier by viomi and we’ll check it one by one and we’ll also connect it to the Mijia app. Let’s go.

Okay guys, so we can see the panel here and right now at home it’s reading just 14 which is pretty pretty good for reading then this is the tvoc the total volatile organic compound wherein it’s something that is not good for us inside the home uh so if you want to turn it on the pvoc you can just simply press this button okay so it will force itself to clean the tvoc otherwise you can put it on ai mode so you can detect and turn it on on itself right now we have the uv button here so you can turn and turn on and turn off the uv as you need this one is the wi-fi icon so right now we’re connected to our me home app and underneath we can see what this is all about anti-virus std so what’s nice about this one is that uh it’s really made for this uh pandemic so it can disinfect okay this can clean up you can support up to 60 square meter of room space then yeah it can get up to 99.9 percent let you be protection basically that’s it and okay we’ll take a look at the rear side of this one so here is the air exhaust so the clean air comes out from this one so you can feel the air here so turning on the side this is the air intake where in every air passes through this one before it before it exists out from here now taking a quick look at the back.

Okay so you might be wondering what this off and on switch is for this is one feature that i just found out just now really just now okay so this one you can turn it on this is to turn on the uv to attract mosquito a mosquito go in here then it will get trapped and probably die off so if you don’t need the mosquito catcher just turn it off like this so now we’ll open it okay so it will alarm you that the rear is open so just taking a clear look okay when you open this mosquito will go in here then uh you can simply just eliminate the mosquito from this mosquito catcher very very good design especially right now where uh rainy season here in our country the philippines so mosquitoes are quite a bit rampant so this one is the lead sensor the light sensor so it says here that you it’s recommended to clean it once every two months so you just use a cotton swab just clean this sensor this sensor and this sensor every other month. So this is the filter. Okay so let’s pull it out the filter is Consists of two layers, so we can see this the black one is the activated carbon filler and outside this the purple one is the hepa filter.

So, putting it inside there you go keep putting it back just need to cover it back and snap it all back i wish the design is the latch type similar to that of the me home the media air purifier we just open it here and just close it so easy. Okay so right now let’s take a quick look at the app. Right now, we are already connected to the uh media app so the airman is working and the air outdoor is pretty bad so air indoors is just an average of 75. So right now, uh we’re on ai mode so we can check some modes so the barrel HEPA is still 100% just pretty brand new. So I can turn the air to be stronger or I can turn it to a I where it will just automatically uh strengthen itself when it feels like hey it’s dirty so yeah I can do something else.

Save some bad saves of electricity so here are the other settings for so you can schedule the power, turn off the light, turn up the tone. Okay so yeah, I can share the device or automation so you can set here wherein when you come home it sends you it will turn it on. Very very smart. Very very useful.

Actually, this is the first one that i tried personally okay that sports a mosquito catcher together with a UV. Just perfect for this uh pandemic wherein everybody’s scrambling just to buy air purifier I guess this one is a very very nice design by viomi and I really really recommend it uh not just for this pandemic, but also, it’s a good regular setup just for home, if you have kids at home, you have elder people at home. I really highly suggest that you get one of these for you so yeah basically this is the yummy air man and it’s readily available for purchase at the xiaomi european platform. So that’s it for this review.