• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Vitamin B12 Foods – How to Increase Vitamin B12 for Vegetarians

 That too in a natural way. The recipe to increase the level of vitamin B12, which I am going to tell you today, is a very ancient and effective recipe of our India.   Which our ancestors have been using for many years, but with time it is lost somewhere. All vegetarian and non-vegetarian people can adopt this recipe.   So if you want to know this recipe, how to increase the level of vitamin B12 in the body, that too natural, then you must watch this video till the last!   Most people are deficient in B12 and despite taking B12 supplements many times, it remains deficient in the body. What could be the reason for this? We will also know this in today’s video.  

So just eating supplements on the advice of Dr. or getting injected B12 will not give you a solution.   You should also understand that B12 is not only necessary for food but it is also necessary that our body can use this B12. So friends, if you really want to be healthy, please do not ignore the importance of Vitamin B12 and understand its importance.   Because you should know that due to long-term deficiency of Vitamin B12, you can also have many serious diseases like difficulty speaking or walking, body balance, heart failure and cancer.

 So if you want all the important information about Vitamin B12 and want to become healthy by improving its level, then this video is for you today.   Hello friends and welcome to your home tips with a new video. I am Richa Sharma and today we will talk about Vitamin B12.   There are two types of vitamins in our body, first water soluble vitamin and second fat soluble vitamin.   Water soluble vitamins are found in water and when our body uses these vitamins then the remaining vitamin gets out of the body through urine.   Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, but despite being a water soluble vitamin, it can be stored in our liver for many years.   Vitamin B12 cannot be made by our body itself, so it depends on diet to get this vitamin.   Vitamin B12 remains stored in the liver so that if there is a slight deficiency in it, it can be replenished. When the amount of vitamin B12 is extremely low, only then the more serious symptoms start to emerge and it may take years.   Vitamin B12 does many things for our body. It is very important that we get Vitamin B12 from our diet because it helps in making DNA, red blood cells, white blood cells and myelin in our body.

Myelin covers the outside of our nervous system. Lack of myelin in the body causes many problems such as nerves problem and body pain problem.   Lack of B12 can lead to many more problems such as being tired always, memory loss, inability to concentrate in anything difficult, irritability, anemia, immunity power of the body i.e. decrease in immunity And many neurological problems can also occur.   Many times people say that deficiency of B12 is seen in vegetarian people as it is found in many non-vegetarian things. But you will be surprised to know that even in non vegetarians, B12 deficiency has been observed to a large extent.  So we need to understand that eating B12-rich foods does not cure B12 deficiency in the body, but we also have to see if the B12 we are eating is getting absorbed properly in our body. |  If our body is not able to absorb B12 properly then no matter how much B12 we eat or take its supplements, the deficiency of B12 will still remain in the body.

 Lack of B12 is not just due to lack of nutritious food in the body but it is also one of the reasons that our body is not able to absorb B12 properly. To absorb B12 it is very important that our stomach is acidic.   The reason for the lack of B12 in many people is that their stomach is not acidic due to which B12 is not able to absorb properly in their body. This is why even if someone has taken antiacid medicine for a long time, B12 is not absorbed properly in his body.   So along with eating food containing B12, you also have to understand that this vitamin is being absorbed properly in your body. I will tell you a very simple solution of this and that is Apple Cidar Vinegar.   It is very easily available in the market and if you want to take it online, I have given the link in the description box, you can take it. You can mix it in 1 teaspoon of water and drink it twice a day.   This will make your stomach acidic and whatever B12 you eat, your body will absorb it easily. Apart from this, if you have any stomach disease or even by drinking more alcohol, absorption of B12 is reduced in the body.   So now we have come to the conclusion that there can be two reasons for deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body. The first is that we are not taking proper diet full of B12 and second that it is not being absorbed properly in our body.   So, to overcome its deficiency in the body, it is very important that we understand the reason for this deficiency. We have told many things further in this video that you will get B12 in proper amount by eating regularly.

 So if we want our heart to be healthy, the risk of cancer remains low in our life, our nerves stay healthy, the balance of the body is correct, we should stay away from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer and at the same time we stay away from fatigue and weakness So we have to maintain our B12 level properly.   So let’s know some good sources of Vitamin B12. Although B12 is found in many non vegetarian things, but for those who are vegetarian too, many options of B12 which I am going to tell you.   The best source of Friends B12 is for vegetarians, sprouts ie sprouts.   If we eat any lentils such as moong, moth, lentils, peas, gram, etc., if we eat them regularly, then we will get a good amount of B12 because when these sprouts are sprouted, it produces B12 and this B12 gives our body It benefits a lot.   So make the rule that you will eat a small bowl of sprouted grains every day. Eat it by adding cucumber, tomato, cottage cheese, ginger green chilli, lemon, salt and black pepper, it will look delicious and beneficial too.   Apart from this, milk products are also a very good source of B12. Milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, ice-cream all have B12, so you should include as much milk and milk products in your diet. This will remove B12 deficiency. B12 is also found in the mushroom.   Apart from this, B12 fortified cereals and fortified almond milk, fortified soy milk etc. are available in the market for those who cannot take milk.   Friends, in addition to all this, today I am going to tell you a recipe that has been used in India since ancient times to increase vitamin B12.   Yes, our ancestors have been using this recipe for many years. It is mostly used in South India, but in today’s modern era this knowledge of ancestors has been lost.   This recipe is for eating old rice ie fermented rice. For this, first of all make rice. It is better if you use brown rice instead of white rice.

 Soak the cooked rice in water overnight and leave it. Yeast will rise in this rice overnight. Throw water in the morning and eat this fermented rice mixed with yogurt. You can also add salt and green pepper to enhance the taste.   If it is cold time, then add this rice in curd at night and leave it at room temperature. Because in the cold the curd will not be sour. Eat this fermented rice for breakfast the next day.   This rice is full of qualities. Eating this will increase your body’s energy level greatly and you will get a lot of nutrition from the bacteria that is produced in it. This rice also produces a lot of vitamin B complex, vitamin B12 and vitamin K in this rice.   It is a very good source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians and you should include it regularly in your diet. You must try it, it will definitely improve your B12 level.   Apart from this, you will get B12 only in a supplement called nutritional yeast flakes. If you are vegetarian and you want to complete your B12 deficiency then this is a wonderful product for you.   You can take it online, I have given the link in the description box below.