• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

Vitamin B12 Injections by Animal Wellness Center of Maple Grove

Vitamin b12 injections are most often prescribed when your pet has a primary intestinal disorder that prevents them om absorbing the vitamin normally from their food in which case oral supplementation wouldn’t work either right if we gave them vitamin b12 pills they still wouldn’t be able to absorb the vitamin however if we inject it under their skin its then absorbed into their bloodstream and useful to them here are multiple benefits to learning  how to give these injections to your pet in the comfort of your home environment.

One it saves you a lot of travel and time and money compared to coming to the clinic and having one of us give the injection every time – it saves your pet the stress of a hospital visit and three even though it is a very safe and quick medical procedure it can have profound implications on your pets overall well-being and health our veterinarians has prescribed this medication injection to your pet one of your questions might be is there risk of hurting my pet with needle this is a common initial concern and so please take heart one of the major goals of this instructional video is to show you how safe and simple it is for you to do this for your pet it’s actually one of the safest things you can do for them at ome and of course we look forward to helping you become more comfortable with the procedure in the safety of our Hospital during a demonstration appointment.

Neen only a few items to complete this extremely beneficial procedure first  vitamin b12 is stored in a dark glass bottle it’s a beautiful magenta color and the glass helps to protect it from light exposure so please keep it stored in a cool dark place such as a cupboard or drawer second we will dispense needles and syringes to you to complete the  ubcutaneous injections  since the doses are pretty small for itamin b12 we will often just send home a preassembled needle and syringe for you like this otherwise we will send home individual sterile syringes for you to which you will attach your needles the needles come individually in sterile sheaves like this the most common.

One we would send with you is this blue one which is a 22 gauge needle again very small in which case you would simply twist off the clear plastic end and discard and then place your needle on our syringe by applying the hub and applying some gentle firm pressure to prepare an injection remove the plastic cap from the needle and set aside you’ll need this later so don’t lose it then gently invert the vitamin b-12 bottle and insert the needle in the rubber seal all the way up to the hub then draw back on the plunger to the appropriate dose that has been prescribed for your pet I like to draw a little bit past the dose because sometimes air bubbles get into the syringe and that way I can just gently flick them back to the top and push any air back into the bottle andrey arrived at the correct dose.

Don’t worry if there is a small amount of air left in the syringe after you’ve drawn up the dose a small amount of air getting under your ets skin will not hurt them we’re now ready to give your pet the injection it’s important to select a calm relaxing location for your pet and to have plenty of positive reinforcement ready such as deli meat for Austin here by making the injection a rewarding experience you will have a very compliant pet in the long term for your omfort at first you may wish to have two people available one to hold and praise your pet and one to give the injection pretty soon though you will confidently be giving injections all by yourself in just a few seconds we will teach you how to give vitamin b12 injections in your pets loose stress between the shoulder blades for two reasons this skin contains the least nerve endings on the body and so it is the least painful place to insert a needle many patients act like they don’t even feel the puncture and there’s plenty of kin to work with so that you can feel confident that your needle is in the correct place and you will not hurt your pet  art by calmly stroking your pet and  then gently but firmly pick up a section of skin between the shoulder blades.

You will see that this forms a tenth of skin where you will direct your needle and you’ll also notice that you have plenty  of space to work with so don’t worry about hitting something like muscle or bone next place your needle in the center of the top triangle and gently but firmly and quickly push the needle through the skin you will feel a slight punch as you penetrate the skin and this is good because you don’t want your needle to get stuck in the skin or subcutaneous fat so like this don’t be shy a brief bold injection is safer and easier for your pet process is exactly the same for a feline patient calmly stroke your cat and then gently but firmly pick up a section of skin to form a tent feel around your tent and convince yourself that you have plenty of space to make a good painless injection aim for the center gently but firmly punch through the skin all the way up to the hub depress the plunger and remove in a smooth quick motion and you’re done after the injection make sure to take your needle cap and recap your needle carefully making sure not to poke yourself and then remove the needle from the syringe and place the needle in a sealed thick plastic container such as a milk jug or a used liquid laundry detergent bottle seal it and when you’ve accumulated enough syringes reinforce the seal with some duct tape and you may discard of this in your regular trash then go ahead and discard your used syringe and of course most importantly  praise your pet for being so good during their injection good job Austin good job chuckle and make sure to put your vitamin b12 bottle back in a cool dark place.