• Sat. May 7th, 2022

Vitamin B12250 60 Capsules

B12 typically can’t be absorbed if you consume it orally it’s destroyed in the stomach and loses potency in the bottle but it’s not something that you typically take orally usually you think you have to get an injection from your doctor right so we have a very special form of b12 that is protected from stomach acid we do that naturally and and it’s also a natural form of b12 where 99.9% of the products on the market are cyano cobalamin something that your body liberates trace amounts of cyanide which is the poison but that’s the typical form of b12 that you find on the market and ours is the natural coenzyme form methyl cobalamin the sizes the 60 the 180 the 360 the 720 thank you for the incredible savings on each one for host pick.

You checkup at 7:20 a $35 saving today everything with free shipping and andling but one of the things that I love the most about this product that a lot of us don’t realize but as we age and with a lot of stress that we deal with in our live in certain medications and digestive issues it depletes the vitamin b12 doesn’t it deficiencies and insufficiencies of the American diet the very very top of the list above all others is vitamin D and vitamin b12 b12 not just because it’s scarce in our diet but also because unless it’s really properly delivered it’s the hardest to absorb of any vitamin and and that’s again why it’s not sufficient to just.

Put B 12 in a product you have to put it in a form and deliver it in a way that’s protective so what good is it if it can’t be absorbed and so we do it entirely differently you could reasonable use on this product and folks who struggled with their b12 levels their entire life they start using this product and it’s all the problems are gone so it really is the most efficient way to deliver b12 orally exactly and I actually have it in front of me Andrew some of the reviews if you’d like me to read a couple because I always love reading some of these so here’s a know it says just another great product andrew lessman’s b12 is fabulous very easy to swallow gives you a great boost of energy from such a small capsule and Andrew that’s a good point and I’m gonna reach over and grab one of the capsules because these are my gosh it almost disappears in my finger as I’m holding it so it’s such a simple easy capsule also but that’s because we don’t use advocates there’s no additives in the product there’s only the b12 and the other B complex that work with b12 so it’s a comprehensive b12 as well so there really isn’t a better there isn’t another b12 product like it in the world most b12 products not most if you look at the b12 law products you see in every Store and you’re just going to see cyano cobalamin which not in the proper form of b12 and it’s not protected either so you really don’t get an opportunity to benefit from the proper form of b12 and what’s great is one normally if you talk about if you praise a product as much as mine you  expect it’s going to be really expensive but this product in the large-size it’s less than a dime the capsule and even in the next largest size it’s barely over a dime a capsule so it’s it might be sophisticated but it’s really afraid right that you are absolutely right because if we take a look at the 64  anyone maybe who just wants to try it’s only $10 a 90 cents today you’re saving four dollars the one eighty at twentyseven ninety saving $10 the 360 is only forty four ninety at $20 and the 720 caps only 69 90 today with $35 saving or everyone and then four flex obviously on the larger sizes  the b12 also is for anyone who might even be skeptical I mean you could go and have your b12 levels checked B12 also I mean the kids are out of school we’re on the go we’re running around but how many of us Andrew wake up in the morning.

You know feeling fatigued we didn’t get their sleep you know we’re not eating right this is such an important product for so many people out there and I did want to just jump in and say we have hundreds of people that are calling not a lot of these to go around so I am the actually the 720 no surprise there andrew is the most popular at this point and you you don’t have to take more than one capsule a day even if you think you’re really have  ssues of b12 try one capsule a day I suspect you need in the most extreme case if that’s going to be sufficient so what your doctor work with your doctor this will be the finest b12 your doctor has ever seen.

B12 levels to start with that’s why this is so important it’s so important and in particular again just to remind everyone everything made in your incredible state of the art facility no additives everything pure everything natural and then the great thing about it with the size of the capsule again to show everyone Andrew so when I pick it up with my finger it basically disappears, but gentle I mean even on the most challenging stomachs always easy to swallow final review talking about an upset stomach with this product I always recommend taking vitamins with food because that’s when your body is best stimulated to absorb them but you could take this on a completely empty stomach and even if you have extremely sensitive stomach it will not cause any upset at all it’s designed to be absolutely a neutral experience the importance of energy I to me I can’t say that enough and I know you because you are so always so incredibly active that energy is life and when I you know I need to be able to have my energy to get through my day you feel so much better when you do and then  again you’re not just consuming foods getting empty calories you’re getting using a supplement today that really will affect the way that you feel every day you we talk about the reviews in 93 percent of the review.