• Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Vitamin C For Acne Hyperpigmentation

The reason I stopped applying vitamin C during the day is related to my hyperpigmentation I got some spots right here and on the tent and around this  area right here there been there for maybe five or six months and I’ve been using this vitamin C right here for over two years.

Now two years ago, I didn’t have any of these problems or any of this acne breakouts I normally will have but it would just go away without any pigmentation or anything like that now the years has passed a couple months ago I started noticing that they were like getting darker and darker every single day I hanged my sunscreen I did some other things I still didn’t get any results I was exfoliating three times a week I decided to do a little bit of experiment since I always said on my natural face mask when we use lemon do not apply during the day.

Because this is vitamin C and my hyperpigmentation wasn’t going away since vitamin C can cause you sensitivity during sunlight I decided just to skip this in the morning and just apply at night to avoid that black spot getting darker and it actually helped me to reduce the pigmentation when I’m completely fair-skinned and I don’t have any hyperpigmentation I’ll probably start using this again because it’s fantastic vitamin C will bright your skin will boost the college and will plump your skin’s and this one right here has hyaluronic acid so it will give you that extra hydration on your skin this one contains 20% of vitamin C which is a good range you should get a vitamin C that it’s between like 10% and 20% more than that it’s gonna be very strong on your skin I love it because super light on the skin I applied and in absorbs and it’s just penetrates right away on the skin and I absolutely love it how my skin looks so right if you guys have any opinion.