• Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Vitamin C for Boosting Immunity

Antiviral antibacterial agent really works to boost immunity hi everyone dr. Susan Brown director of the center for better bones you know over my last thirty years of clinical experience the one nutrient I found to be the best repair nutrient the nutrient I wouldn’t want to live without is vitamin C and it’s very interesting the more health problems the more infection the more challenge we have the more vitamin C we need it generally enhances the production of the white blood cells and the activation of the white blood cells it potentiates the white blood cells which are your cells that get out there and destroy all these bacteria all these virus the white blood cells are your immune system of course it activates them increases their production and also protects all form of white blood cell from oxidative damage by its very quality is one of the greatest antioxidants that we have in the natural world and it also nourishes the phagocytic white blood cells that are the kind of clean up cells that go in and clean up the debris vitamin C also energizes and potentiates them and as you might know.

Vitamin C is one of the great probably the best natural antiviral and this was discussed by Nobel laureate Linus Pauling his famous book on vitamin C in the common cold there is now significant research documenting how vitamin C can protect us and help us recover from colds flu influenza and even from polio early research showed vitamin C to be effective in preventing and dealing with polio also a great antibacterial agent this is when we see respiratory infections this is when we see things like tuberculosis actually and pneumonia vitamin C is quite effective to aid in these situations and finally thinking about the immune system it’s interesting that vitamin C is transported to the skin and there in the skin it serves as a strong antioxidant to create a stronger protective barrier our skin of course is a great part of our immune system that protects from foreign invaders from the outside the US  government has reported that vitamin C is the fourth leading nutritional deficiency in this country many people are not getting enough vitamin C hope you enjoyed this and I hope you have plenty of vitamin C.