• Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

vitamin c500 complex 720 capsules

Vitamin d and we will talk about that at midnight and it is a product that is also 95% four or five star four o reviews are better. you  cannot make a better vitamin c product that v we have done here. it is simple and straightforward  no-nonsense. the most difficult part and what i alluded to at the beginning of the show, the most difficult thing with vitamin c as when w it is typically done it s hard to tolerate because vitamin c’s chemical name is chemical ascorbic acid that is very acidic. you’re delivering an upset stomach. there’s a stoma simple solution to a put unfortunately it cost a lot more money than some manufacturers want to do. when you combine when vitamin c or ascorbic acid with calcium that a we also need, you end up with calcium ascorbate, it has the same acidity s water basically and not acidic and ph balanced and it will not upset your stomach.

Many other manufacturers put them in a rock hard tablet that we put ours in a soft and easy to swallow capsule. this time of year people take vitamin c for their immune system and want i to do it they can to support it. research is clear about vitamin c’s roll in our immune system. the typical vitamin c product, if you’re able to absorb it at all for an upset stomach or difficulty  swallowing, what we’ve done here(…) it is actually so elegantly simple but it makes vitamin c, instead of being a typical problem  for so much of the citizenry soft capsule and an ultrafine powder, and it’s literally like os. that is your assurance. ph neutral as and it will not upset your stomach. even a ph neutral product if it is  rockhard tablet will  it in the lining of sit your stomach and irritated for some time to come. the ultrafine powder disperses and dissipates immediately.

It is ph neutral and disperses immediately and you get the benefits of vitamin c without all the typical, nasty problems associated with what i used to say was the most important the m single vitamin to take until 10 – 15 years ago when vitamin d and the research for it moved it to the forefront. to the vitamin c and vitamin d and vitamin b12 are the three vitamins that we struggle the most to get from our diet. With typical supplements they are the most  challenge a to enjoy but not with my products that are easy p to get and easy to enjoy an incredibly affordable as well. vitamin c, unbelievably inexpensive and especially the quality of ours, and our vitamin d is even more affordable tonight at midnight.

Oranges are very high in vitamin c but you have to go all the way down for seven medium oranges to equal one capsule. look here, sweet red peppers. She has wonderful recipes ha for it in the cookbook. ed and orange and yellow  peppers are great for vitamin c and broccoli v as well and collie flower. we often think you have to get her fruits for vitamin c – cauliflowerrr it is not so much the caloric sources and calo terms of vitamin c because it all comes bec from healthy foods that are low in calories but it’s quantitative. are I  going to have for a  half cups of sweet red peppers or 6 cups of broccoli were 10 cups of cauliflower. the amounts to consume the amount of vitamin c are impractical. it is impra almost a finding in how it depletes the vitamin d vitamins that we all need. — vitamin b vitamins that we all need. the reason we know it won’t upset your stomach s it is a small ultrafine powder ultrafi capsule.

All manufacturers get these raw materials but originally in the source  of the powder and of the perhaps not as fine as hat powder but the source of the powder so when they make that tablet they have to put blues and waxes and manufacture that tablet so they have to create the obstacle to your absorption and the absor source of your stomach discomfort. it is almost bizarre but what we do b is be given in the is be purest and natural form so you are sure to not only get the benefits but not have to tolerate problems to get those benefits. a problem and gentle to even the most sensitive stomachs. go to hsn.com and read the reviews and they are not filtered. when you can talk about an entire line of hundreds of supplements with each and everyone not just being a not jus customer pick but this one almost perfect five-star reviews. looking at the pricing on the chart for the quality of vitamin c this is think of that large size it is the less than $.10 a capsule and that is unbelievable.

The next a large size a years supply at 500 mg a day and even the middle size it comes to somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 or $.14 per capsule and $.1 $.15 in the smallest size.