• Tue. Nov 30th, 2021

Vitamin C’s Immune Benefits

Let’s talk about the immune benefits of vitamin C now vitamin C does a lot of different things but its influence on your immune system is quite amazing let’s talk about it now vitamin C deficiencies are actually very common you can have what’s called a subclinical vitamin C deficiency where you’re not majorly deficient but you’re just efficient enough to cause a weakness within the immune system I’m going to talk more about that vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient so it has a low storage capacity so unless you’re constantly getting vitamin C you can be deficient within weeks vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant so when you have free radicals which are basically molecules with unpaired electrons so you’re supposed to have two to balance without let’s say you just have one and it becomes a free radical so it can damage certain things in the body vitamin C comes in there and donates an electron to stabilize the molecule.

So it can actually help counter free radical damage all right as far as immune benefits it can enhance antibodies anti bodies are proteins that fight pathogens microbes that shouldn’t be in your body also it will increase neutrophil motility neutrophils are  type of white blood cell it’s like a phagocyte that cleans things up it engulfs and kills certain microbes and it speeds up the motility of these little guys right here number three it enhances your B cells or B lymphocytes it’s a type of white blood cell which then increases antibodies we’ve already mentioned that.

Right here there were four it enhances the t-cells another type of lymphocyte that helps you fight off infection number five it can increase interferon now interferon is a hormone that kills infected cells and their surrounding neighbors so it is a very powerful a new compound that our bodies make so you can see one big benefit of vitamins is it helps fight infection now when your deficient in vitamin C if you’re very deficient you have scurvy but I think there’s different levels of scurvy so there could be subclinical versions of this or major versions you’re not going to probably see a full-blown scurvy case but the point I want to bring up about vitamin C deficiencies especially scurvy which is the major vitamin C deficiency is that it makes you susceptible to certain infections with scurvy it has the ability to increase Sept ability to fatal infections like pneumonia scurvy is often followed by infectious epidemics what does that mean it means that when you have an infection they can actually develop scurvy why is that because infections increase the need for vitamin C your white blood cells accumulate vitamin C they need the vitamin C to function.

So if you’re using your immune system more you’re going to deplete your vitamin C reserves  specially if you’re not putting it back so this is another way that someone could be deficient number one they’re got consuming enough in their diet  number two to get infection it puts tress on the immune system and that’s another way that you can be deficient minimally 200 milligrams per day a good source of vitamin C would be sauerkraut  leafy greens bell peppers any of the spicy hot peppers jalapenos red peppers are really high in vitamin C now if you’re gonna take a supplement make sure that you take a whole food base complex vitamin C not a synthetic the synthetic version of vitamin C is called the score pack acid and on  of the ways they make it is they combine cornstarch and sulfuric acid so sometimes people tell you that the synthetic version is the name as a natural there’s no difference  but I have a hard time believing that sulfuric acid and cornstarch is the same is something from actual food and if you haven’t seen my other video on vitamin C I put it up right here check it out.