• Sat. Apr 30th, 2022

Vitamin D Suppresses the Cytokine Storm

The cytokine storm if you’re not familiar with what that is it’s basically the thing that’s killing the majority of people who have koban 19:00 but realize that it’s only going to kill someone if their immune system is malfunctioning there is a really interesting study I’ll  put the link down below it wasn’t peer reviewed yet but it was from the Northwestern University comparing two groups of countries so what they did is they compared the countries with the highest mortality rate which means the highest rate of dying from Kobe 19 – the countries with the lowest mortality rate which had the least effect on someone’s life and then they looked at their vitamin D status and they found a really good correlation between the higher mortality group and the lowest amount of vitamin D versus the lowest mortality rate and the highest amount of vitamin D but not only that they found a strong correlation between vitamin D and the cytokine storm in other words.

People that had the most vitamin D did not have the cytokine storm now why is that because vitamin D is a immune modulator it controls the amount of inflammation within the immune system and it has a lot of other functions as well but what I want to talk about is the mechanism of this cytokine storm now what is a cytokine a cytokine is a signaling protein that can do several things it can increase the number of white blood cells it can also cause inflammation it can also suppress inflammation and it can also stimulate something called angiogenesis which is basically the growth of new blood vessels so just as your immune system has many different strategies in fighting off the invaders like pathogens these pathogens like viruses also have strategies to survive and counter the attacks so this is my picture of a cytokine storm and that basically is a situation where you have this hyper inflammatory reaction going on creating a lot of damage to the body now there’s two parts of the immune system we have one part which is the innate which is more of an a general attack you have certain players or certain white blood cells that do a general attack it’s not very specific.

But over here we have something called the adapted or acquired immune system which is all about being very specific in their attack the HIV virus has its strategy of knocking out called the T helper cell which is like the the quarterback or the general that’s orchestrating the entire immune system recruiting different players generating different weapons to attack these pathogens so if HIV can knock this out then you don’t have an immune system and that’s exactly what happens with HIV in fact it’s called acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which basically means you are deficient in your immune system now other viruses will attack the T regulatory cells and the T regulatory cells are the T suppressor cells that put out the fire and the cytokine storm one of the jobs is to lower inflammation and prevent autoimmunity which there’s always inflammation so viruses can destroy this cell also low vitamin D can cause us to not work and allow this to work so in other words here you have this imbalance.

You don’t have the brake pad anymore it’s all accelerator and you can’t turn off this flame so that creates an overreaction of the immune system now there’s another interesting strategy hat these viruses and bacterias have and that is called super antigen now an antigen is a part or piece of a pathogen that your immune system is reacting to that is foreign and creating damage okay so it’s like a little piece of a pathogen and of course your immune system once it sees that thing it’s going to attack it so what our immune system will do sometimes is take a piece of that to recognize the signature of that pathogen so it knows what to eliminate or attack so it’s really the antigen that’s presented to your immune system so your immune system can attack and destroy but the problem is with a super antigen it’s binding to everything now remember I talked about part of the immune system is nonspecific or general well the other system called the acquired or adaptive is no longer specific in other words these special forces that are trained to kill very specific thing are now killing everything so you can imagine you took this high-powered machine gun with a shotgun altogether and you completely annihilated your house by shooting everything but not necessarily the thief.

So the problem with super antigens is the collateral damage that that creates within your own immune system so these antigens are binding to everything and so everyone has a little red X on their back and we’re getting massive amount of cytokines all over the place you see in a normal immune response you have the antigen that is presented and then you have the immune attack we really only activate a very small part of your immune system it’s we activate between point zero zero zero one two point zero zero one percent of your t-cells but with a super antigen situation you’re activating 20% of your T cells and some circumstances you’re activating a hundred percent of them so you can imagine the massive inflammation from the situation all coming from a strategy that a virus has virus wants to stay alive so it’s going to trick your immune system in certain ways so what’s going to happen with all this inflammation.

You can develop a rash a fever you’re potentially no longer going to have a localized infection it’s systemic it spread through everything and it can get very severe to the point where it can put a person in a coma or kill them as in coma 19 but realize vitamin D does help suppress cytokines and also realize that if your immune system is healthy you don’t have to worry about anything so the message of this video is just to emphasize the importance of vitamin D not just in suppressing cytokines but literally saving someone’s life and I am shocked to find out that no one’s really talking about vitamin D in the news with Kovan 19 if you found that quite interesting you want more information about vitamin D.