• Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

What Happened To Our Vit C Gene

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the body that aids in growth repair of body tissues formation of collagen iron absorption immunity maintaining bone cartilage and teeth health and much more although you can purchase vitamin C from any vitamin shop or store oftentimes the processing of the vitamins and chemical additives called the vitamins to have little effect according to biochemistry min Francis if the vitamin does not contain 100% L ascorbate fully reduced chemical form and is corn free then you are most likely taking a chemical filler this is not to say all synthetic vitamin pills are ineffective however getting your nutrients.

From your natural foods is intuitively healthier than ingesting chemical additives and preservatives among the nutrients in the form of pills registered dietitians and nutritionists overwhelmingly recommend natural food sources for nutrients when possible before heading to synthetic pills today’s recipe is adapted from Rosa Lee de Lafayette herbalist and author of alchemy of herbs and the education director of the learning herbs company any information regarding more specifics about the recipe can be found on learning herbs calm this recipe is made entirely from fruit powders in a little bit of honey the fruits we will use for this recipe are rose hips a Corolla berries Amal a berries and orange peel powder rose hips are an incredible source of vitamin C with more than vitamin C than oranges and alcohol a berry is a South American native fruit and is also high in vitamin B and flavonoids in the book of plants in human health and nutrition policy at Corolla berries contain about 1,700 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit lastly Amla berries are native to India and they’re used a lot n Ayurvedic medicine it is also very  ell known for its high vitamin C content what makes these combinations of berries more effective is the fact that they don’t only contain vitamin C but they are full of wonder antioxidants that will work together with the vitamin C to promote healthier cell growth and tissue building unfortunately though we can’t say for sure how much vitamin C we’re getting from each vitamin C pill because the vitamin C content of each plant depends on where it was harvested and grown the soil quality how was dried etc.

However it will contain one of the highest vitamin C sources in your diet along with many other great antioxidants and natural nutrients and it’s a great snack for all ages and it’s all less than $15 for the dried fruit ingredients the best source to purchase the organic herbs that the highest quality is from mountain rose herbs calm it’s one of the largest herbal supply distributors in the US the first step in the recipe is to first measure out each ingredient based on how much vitamin C pills you want to make for example this recipe makes about 90 pea-sized natural herbal pills or about 30 large snack sized balls first we will measure out 2 tablespoons of rose hip powder 2 tablespoons of Amla berry powder 2 tablespoons of a Corolla berry powder and lastly a little bit less than a tablespoon of orange peel powder you don’t want to add too much orange peel powder or else it will make the recipe oo sour afterwards  mix the ingredients together and make sure to smooth out any clumps in the powders now we will use some local honey o turn the powders into a paste like dough the honey I’m using is local mountain honey that I infused in fresh lemon balm leaves from my backyard garden for a couple of weeks in order to further the antioxidant contents of the honey in the recipe first heat the honey on a stove on high medium heat for about 30 seconds make sure you don’t burn the honey or cause it to start steaming you want the honey to be at a liquid consistency then add the honey to the powdered mix and blend it in if the mix is still mostly dried and add more honey and continue to do so until you get a paste-like mixture however make sure it’s not too sticky.

If you added too much honey by accident just add a bit more fruit powder to fix the recipe afterwards mixing the powders evenly with the honey and start rolling small pieces of the mix into balls then coat the balls with orange peel powder and store it in an airtight container at room temperature these natural vitamin C pills will last you a really long time however they are tastier when relatively in fresh take a couple of vitamin C pills a day if you want to know how much vitamin C is too much you can find out if you see that after taking the vitamin C pills if you get loose stools or diarrhea that means you ingested too much vitamin C from experience so after using this recipe for years I’ve never experienced this after eating more than seven or eight pills but each person’s vitamin C needs differ based on their usual diet in addition one pregnant vitamin C should not be taken in excess so if you have any xtenuating medical condition please be sure to consult a medical professional first about your nutrient needs many of us though lack the recommended daily allowance for most of our nutrients and these natural vitamin C pills tastes just like sour candy they are a great treat to enjoy any time throughout the day while still getting your nutritional needs and a great recipe to have the kids enjoy too.