• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

What quality of mask and air purifier products can protect you from catching Wuhan virus

Some high-tech products that can clean the air you breathe then this video will introduce several reputable brand name hi-tech masks that can block the virus how does this corona virus spread this corona virus spreads the respiratory route through coughs and sneezes and any droplets that come out of your mouth.

So far, this virus has spread really fast from China to many countries please visit the US government CDC gov to learn more about this virus by February 24 2020 China government published the following data about the corona virus:  seventy six thousand eight hundred ninety two infected a total of two thousand two hundred thirty-six deaf cases. Based on the facts which we have collected out of China the real numbers about this coronavirus should be a lot more than the numbers for the Chinese government. To give you some facts on the fast spreading of this virus we want to show you the video clip of the reputable video on this coronavirus made by this YouTube channel prosperity. the link of this video is in the description below what’s going on here I think they’ve underreported these cases very very much and they bouncing around in new cases and whatnot because of how they’re recording them and what their terming a coronavirus case. Whether they using clinical and/or they’re using PCR tests to verify whatever the case we still have 12,000 people that are noted as being in serious or critical condition that recovered is now beyond the serious and critical would spend there for a couple days so they’re saying they’re past the corner on that but we will see.

I think they’ve turned the corner because of some very very difficult containment measures that they’ve had to put their population under alright moving on… South Korea oh my gosh 93 new cases they are now in a full-blown epidemic and a new death recording in South Korea tragically Japan 14 more cases is now over the hundred mark itself so it’s pretty much in a epidemic at this point. Singapore doing a fantastic job all the way around in terms of how they are tracing their contacts and how they’re managing this and and how they’re recording and reporting on all of this just doing a fantastic job no new cases in Hong Kong. That’s surprising all things considered 12 more in the United States but I got to talk about the United States in just a second because of this number right here six total recovered something isn’t right in these numbers and I don’t believe the numbers are correct as well.

Next we will introduce several brands of air purifier that complete some viruses around left cube is the first compact air purifier using nanotechnology to destroy all airborne bacteria viruses and toxic chemicals the following is the introduction video of this product made by the brand open lift cube goes almost everywhere the new magnetic levitation fan lowers the noise level down to 25 decibels our patented photocatalyst improves its efficiency for 25% more lift cube works fairly well in a 10 by

18 feet room not to mention in the car or in the bathroom and you could actually wash it’s metal mesh filter which is made by antibacterial material.

PM 2.5 particles are dangerous and carrying a portable filterless air purifier is purely advantageous HEPA filter equipped purifiers are inaudible they couldn’t take down bacteria and VOCs but lift cubed can you didn’t know what you are dealing with until now lift is in the air another air purifier that you can use to protect yourself from the virus if the PureZone air purifier. Pure zone effectively destroys dust,  smoke, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants. It adds a deeper level of air sanitation by safety eliminating germs and viruses. The following is the introduction video of this product made by the brand o sanitize the air in your home or office with the pure ozone true HEPA air purifier. From pure enrichment this sleek and versatile air purification system complements any contemporary home or office while making the air more breathable and safer for your loved ones. Whisper quiet operation ensures pure zone operates silently in the background so you can peacefully work and relax near zone also features a sleep mode setting so that you can easily fall asleep without any indicator lights keeping you awake at night the three-in-one air filter consists of a pre-filter carbon filter and HEPA filter the targets and captures 99.97% of dust pollen pet dander smoke mold spores and unwanted household odors as small as 0.3 microns the powerful UVC light safely destroys microorganisms such as germs viruses bacteria and fungi your zone provides a perfect solution for making the air more comfort while incorporating industry-leading energy efficiency settings including an automated timer and three speed settings to perfectly adapt to the size of any room you’ll rest easy knowing pure zone is backed by pure enrichments extended five-year warranty the peers own true HEPA air purifier based on the review of some users of this product peer zone just doesn’t have enough power to be put in rooms that are larger than 20 square feet.

Another air purifier that does a great job with filtering out viruses and different bacterias if the co way mighty air purifier. The mighty air purifier is compact by design but is equipped with cutting-edge features to keep your indoor air clean. Equipped with a HEPA efficiency rating of 99.97% it uses a four stage filtration system to effectively eliminate odors and pollutants. The following is the introduction video of this product made by the brand owner air purifier is compact by design and equipped with the range of intuitive cutting-edge features to keep your indoor air clean the mighty provides up to 360 square feet of coverage with a certified clean air delivery rate of 232 with a true HEPA filter efficiency rating of 99.97%. The mighty cleans and freshens indoor air through a ba of certified four stage filtration process. The washable pre-filter captures large dust, fur, and hair with its micromesh. The odor filter eliminates smaller particles odors and harmful gases with its activated carbon layer. Our true HEPA filter traps up to 99.97% of airborne allergens and contaminants as small as 0.3 microns including pollen pet dander household dust and tobacco smoke finally the built-in vital ion feature boosts cleaning power and freshens the air with negative ions the intuitive air quality indicator uses particle sensor technology to monitor indoor air quality and displays the indoor air quality in real time through three vivid colors. Blue indicates the air is clean, purple indicates the air is medium polluted, red indicates the air is highly polluted.

The mighty smart technology enables the fan to automatically adjust the airflow speed from low to medium to high when pollutants are detected in the air. When the air quality in the room remains good for thirty minutes or or while in auto mode the mighty shuts off its fan and switches to eco mode which saves energy and reduces noise for a peaceful night’s sleep. The mighty a compact powerful air purifier that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle clean, better, live smarter! Here is one of the reviews from the users of this product Coway air purifier. This user found in his testing that after only a few hours of use the entire space smelled fresher, even with a dog in the home.

Next we will introduce several reputable brands of high-tech masks that claim to block viruses. The first brand Cambridge mask claims to protect you from viruses and bacteria. The following is the introduction video of Cambridge mask made by the brand owner. Are you breathing cleaner? for more and more of us the answer is no. Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of heart disease and respiratory illness. Is there a solution? Yes. the Cambridge mask uses filtration technology developed by the UK military the mask filters almost 100% of air pollutants from course PM 2.5 to fine PM 9.3 gas pollution viruses and bacteria available in a choice of fashion friendly designs and sizes for the whole family. The Cambridge Mask glass for hundreds of hours and can be hand washed making it the perfect urban accessory ideal for cyclists protecting those who are most vulnerable and then join the outdoors and the hobbies we love. Whatever your needs our elf is attested to me enemy Oh sh and 99 standards and untrusted by many hospitals schools and embassies around the world from walking the street with peace of mind to conquering the world but you no longer have to worry about bad air or the guy sneezing behind you. Try a Cambridge mask today and enjoy a 30 day.

The blog posted by Cambridge mask in January claimed the following: if you are traveling to countries that have confirmed coronavirus cases or wish to have additional protection then a Cambridge mask will help to reduce your risk of exposure in tests by Nelson Labs using a Cambridge mask was shown to remove an average 99.6% of viruses. one of our NolymitAI team member Helen bought the Cambridge and N95 masks in December 2019. She has been using the mask since then, through her experience she found out that the air is fresh through this mask when she is in the environments with chemical materials or a lot of traffic pollution another Cambridge mask user said quote “an amazing product with excellent customer service in the middle of a global pandemic they have delivered on the best masks that you can find.

Next, we will be looking at the innovative R-Pur here our peer states that it offers the best filtration in the world with its products made in France. Let’s see what’s all about this mask. The following is the introduction video of R-Pur made by the brand owner. Nanoparticle area fpou lumiskin t pollution freeze if you consume on le francais does a conception as a realization in technology tasty evolve take if he told us as his son crucially gas no see if le particularly Praveena every particle driving on an endoscopy ok nanoparticle disinfected to put it past security from a window steve carell Travis’s an open manner alejandro system seungyeon is a rocket from the deck consider our support extra importance of paella paella sportive a clinical applications with UMass curricula to do.

Digital Trends said futuristic mask filters out air pollution for cyclists and runners. CNET said the R-Pur nanomask makes it easier to breathe for runners cyclists and bikers. Another reputable magazine men’s axis said are pure anti-pollution mass takes your safety to the next level. Next mask that we will be looking at if the stylist Vaughn mask based on the website of this brand the mask has less capability in blocking bacteria and viruses. The following is the introduction video of this product made by bog mask born on the playa in 2011, Vogmask can be found worldwide but our mission will never change we support clean air and health always seeking to instill a sense of civil responsibility with a direct impact on the environment we do that with a mask. Vogmask applies creative and unique design to superior personal protective equipment now and for the future. Comfortable from black rock to black top to mountaintop Vogmasks are excellent protection from microscopic particles dust pollen and other airborne contaminants. Working with medical device engineers we have achieved certifications from regulatory agencies around the world for product safety, performance, and quality plan in manufacturing emerge from the trance of an inherited future. Join us in protecting health and contributing to a worldwide dialogue to envision a cleaner.

Another brand of high-tech mask; Atmos is produced by AO air, a tech company in Australia. The following is the introduction video of AO air made by the brand owner. This is a personal portable purification. Air purification system so it’s a solution to everyone who’s dying from air pollution around the world whether you’re in Sydney suffering from the wildfires of the smoke and in Seoul and wanting to take your daughter out playing in the park because of air pollution you’re unable to do so what we’re doing is we pull air through a nano-fiber, cleaning the air the air being Clyde’s in front of the face when it does that what it’s doing is creating a turbulent pocket of air. That means we don’t need a seal around the mouth of the noise. Here is what others said about the Atmos The Verge magazine gave this comments to this product. A tech driven solution to increasing levels of air pollution in a world that’s literally and figuratively perfect but AO air has  not mentioned that if Atmos mask can block virus or not. We found that this product is very interesting so, we wanted to introduce it to you. Based on our preliminary research about these high-tech products there are very few reviews about their capabilities to eliminate bacteria or viruses. We have no relationship with the owners of these brands.