• Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

What’s the Optimal Dose of Vitamin C?

The human equivalent for based on animal studies up to a two to three thousand milligrams a day and if you have more functional disparity going on such as when you have a bit of cancer etc or other more serious chronic diseases that deplete your body of electrons then you may need more remember chronic disease such as for three aging process cancer.

It works by reducing electrons in your body and the more you are able to supplement the electron by various ways including but not limited to vitamin C then the better the body has the gasoline to get moving along well the question is what is what is considered much okay now yet understand the vitamin C goes into the body we talked about donate the electrons and then the rest is then broken down into smaller pieces by many metabolic pathways and eventually leave the body through the kidneys so the amount of vitamin C that uniqueness it should be said that it’s the amount that you need to be able to produce the body’s energy supply and at the same time be able to be getting rid off properly and promptly so there’s two parts to this one it has to be able to deliver cross the cell walls give up the electrons number to the remaining part has to leave the body piece if the remaining part does not leave the body fast enough are probably then you can get into trouble as well so for most people in healthy state one to three thousand milligrams is considered quite normal.

In fact nowadays you can hardly even find in vitamin C tablets and then 500 to 1000 milligrams and they come in many forms and that’s not like eating like 30 oranges yeah you simply cannot do that so so supplemental vitamin C in that respect starts usually in five hundred to a thousand milligrams and depends on the body everyone is different some people they can tolerate only up to a few thousand or every some people they can’t tolerate hundreds of thousands I’m saying by IV so what you’re talking about is like absorption whether it’s through oral or through IV and then use utilization of the vitamin C and an elimination yes this whole process has multiple steps is not very simple and that is why when you ask a simple question or how much does a person take there is really no simple answer and the reason is is its factual in the sense that if you have a body that’s weak if you cannot absorb vitamin  then no matter how much you put in you’re not gonna be able to bring it to the self so it is useless if you have a body that can assimilate pitama cannot get rid of the metabolites then you can get into side effects of vitamin C if you have a body that’s super weak and the cells are very sensitive and even small amount of vitamin C can cause what we call hyper exaggerated response so likewise if you have.

For example somebody set aside difficulties then vitamin C can behave paradoxically so that the simple answer to your question is there is no set rule everyone is different and we go to a great extent in our clients to do is to figure out what  their body actually can tolerate to what degree under what delivery system and there were timing and frequency so that we get the maximum benefit from this wonderful wonder full compound along with other things okay it’s not a matter of just okay go to the supermarket you go to the health food store and just get this and then start swallowing because it works for your friend and you read about it it’s a very little benefit if you just do like their weight so you’re saying that vitamin C might be safe but it might not be if you don’t know what you’re doing because everybody is different and we have to be able to help you to differently.

Yeah, we we have people who can tolerate one thousand three thousand five thousand on the other extreme I have people that can hardly tolerate any which I’m saying so it is very important that you have to know your body and into the tree no fatigue it is so critical because you know you don’t have much room to move around especially if you’re weak and tired and you take the right things it can help your body greatly but if you do the wrong things it called kind of backwards and you can crash yourself it’s not unusual for people with advanced adrenal fatigue to take vitamin C and become more anxious what jittery even trigger panic attacks so the safety is there unfortunately this is not like a job this is a natural compound it has to react with your body so there’s no straight linear and formulation that we can give you if you in this situation so that’s the safety of vitamin C especially Veeam adrenal fatigue and we’re here to help you through that journey on your health journey.